Who Is Nayuta In Chainsaw Man? Is She Evil?

The adorable control freak is here, but is she really dangerous?

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Chainsaw Man

At the end of Chainsaw Man part 1, we were introduced to the Control Devil’s rebirth, a Chinese girl named Nayuta. But, is this adorable little girl really as innocent, or is she a devil after all?

This article will look at Nayuta, the new Control Devil in Chainsaw Man!

Nayuta: The New Control Devil

Nayuta is the recent reincarnation of the Control Devil. She came into the picture after Denji killed Makima in the first part of Chainsaw Man. 

As mentioned above, the new version of the Control Devil is a young Chinese girl with short brown hair.

While she looks completely different from Makima, her yellow and red eyes are a dead giveaway for her real identity.

After she was found, Nayuta was put under the care of our protagonist Denji, the Chainsaw Man.

Now, Denji acts as her older brother!

Nayuta’s personality is similar to that of a typical teenager. She can be playful and sometimes mischievous with her powers, but she also shows care for Denji.

Denji notes that she is intelligent and contemplative in her own way. Still, hints of Denji’s personality can be seen in the way Nayuta talks and laughs since Denji is her guardian.

Is Nayuta Evil In Chainsaw Man?

Even though Nayuta is still extremely strong as the Control Devil, she hasn’t done anything with malicious intent so far.

Instead, we’ve only seen her use her power out of care for Denji, or to have fun like any other child.

Still, there’s a chance that her personality might change as she grows older. After all, she and Makima were the same devil. This is especially seen in the two’s love for dogs.

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However, the way the two have been raised makes all the difference!

Makima was put through a strict regime by the Japanese government to only do what was best for THEM.

This way, Makima grew with a big goal in mind, an ambition. However, as she grew, she sought to bring this goal together with her own goals.

We know where this led her: almost taking full control of the Japanese government and making Denji’s life literal hell.

On the other hand, Denji is raising Nayuta, the Control Devil just like a child. He doesn’t want to use her abilities for some “bigger” goal, or isn’t training her to aspire to be someone big either.

Furthermore, the presence of someone to look up/be equal to is the most important here.

As pochita explained at the end of Part 1 of Chainsaw Man, Makima really just needed someone to hug her, i.e. her equal.


This is the same goal as Pochita, who saw Denji as his friend and an equal!

Therefore, it is hard to predict what Nayuta will do in the future, especially when it’s Tatsuki Fujimoto’s writing!

Do you think that Nauta will end up the same as Makima? Or, will she be more terrifying? Or perhaps she’ll develop into someone of her own?