Who is King In One Punch Man? What Are His Powers?

King One Punch Man
King from One Punch Man

King, S-Class ranked 7 is one of the funniest characters in the series! While we remember him as a gag character, he is still one of the strongest characters! However, he doesn’t have any powers, or does he? King does have a hidden ability! In this article, we’re going to take a look at King’s meteoric rise to understand his powers!

How King became a hero: 

In the past, King was identified as a NEET. For those unaware, bless you if you’re not one, NEET stands for “Not in Employment, Education, or Training”. His daily activity was playing idol games. He couldn’t even kill a mosquito, let alone eradicate monsters! 

So, how did this man turn into Earth’s mightiest hero? A series of events lining up one after another led to the birth of the legend of King. 

You can say that King was lucky. 

First, King was attacked by Octopus Claw Man, a tiger-level threat. This encounter left him with his iconic scar; a result of King’s battle against a disaster-level god in people’s minds! King was saved by a young Saitama who still had his hair, allowing him to get home with light wounds! 

Subsequently, in chapter 37, Tongue-stretcher, a perverted monster was causing chaos among civilians. Among the people in the crowd was King who was trying to simply pass by in his undercover outfit.

King uses powers to fight tongue stretcher

King’s cover was accidentally blown away as he stood right behind the monster. The sight of the hero’s face sent a wave of sweat running down his face. As the people cheered for King, the monster surrendered out of fear! 

This only goes to highlight how dangerous and powerful King’s presence truly can be. Not many can end a crisis without moving a muscle or speaking a word!

The next example of King in action would be less impressive, but that could be seen as an indication of his luck. G4, a robot monster, was on a mission to kill King. The S-Class hero somehow managed to create a 10-minute break to take a loo.

G4 was immune to his powers due to lacking a human heart and emotions, which meant King’s death! After all, he can’t actually fight a Demon-level threat!  

In the end, King decided to run away for his safety, leaving hostages behind. Now, if the hostages were to die, King would come under serious scrutiny, potentially ending his career! However, luckily, Genos showed up to the show out of nowhere and defeated the monster! 

Such events kept happening with Vaccine Man, Beefcake, and three other monsters! Every time, Saitama would kill them, and somehow King got the credit! This is how King rose to the top echelon of the S-Class without any power! 

So, What is King’s Power?

In short, King’s power is super luck.  

This is a unique, one-of-a-kind power in the series with only King as a known user! In actuality, this isn’t even a superpower in a traditional sense; King’s super luck is a passive ability.

Through this ability, no matter what King does, the repercussions are never negative. Furthermore, the best thing is the fact that this ability works subconsciously! 

Perhaps the best example would be Monster Association’s final stand: 

King arrives at the scene just as the battle was getting ugly. His presence freezes all dragon-level monsters right in their paths! While the monsters ha. His ability to accidentally plant doubt and fear is simply elite. King would doubt himself here, but in the end, he would stall the enemies long enough that Homeless Emperor would make a fatal mistake. 

Zombie man would appear at the perfect time and suddenly the heroes were in an opportune position. Later he would top this moment with “Ultimate Hellfire Burst Wave Motion Cannon” Child Emperor would even refer to this move as King’s limited-time secret killer move. 

King's Powers

The massive blast of energy would seemingly be the reason for the defeat of both Platinum S and Evil Natural water and would further King’s legacy. And to top it all off, this was all done in less than a second.

In reality, Garou has blitzed through all of the monsters in that very second, making it seem like King launched his final attack! 

There are many other instances where King’s luck saved him. A dragon-level monster was imitating Waganma, the kid Hero Association had to rescue. Somehow, through King’s luck, the hero managed to scare the monster so much that it died out of fear!

Yes, that happened! And, this is the only moment in the series’ history where a monster died out of fear and fear only! King even managed to fool Atomic Samurai, S-Class Rank 4 into believing that he had cut an apple so fast that even the fruit didn’t realize and it healed back to perfect shape!

This makes zero sense because King’s super-luck ability is simply out of this world!


King has a passive ability that can be called super luck. This ability allows him to have things work in his favor no matter what he does. The ability works subconsciously. King is a gag character who’s the complete opposite of Saitama. Saitama is the strongest hero and King the weakest. Yet, their rankings are lopsided! 

Comment your thoughts on King’s powers below! Do you like him and his powers? If not, why?