Who Is Blast In One Punch Man?

Blast One Punch Man
One Punch Man

Blast has become an important character in the One Punch Man manga recently as he finally made his impactful debut! Being one of the most enigmatic characters in all mediums of One Punch Man, we decided to explain who Blast is, what he does, and why he does it in this article! 

Physical Appearance: 

We’ve only had a few chances to actually see Blast in flesh! We saw Blast’s silhouette for the first time in chapter 85 of the manga, and we actually got to see him in chapter 139.

Blast One Punch Man

He wears shades and has a scar running across his face. The outline of his iris is a wavy black pattern, as opposed to just a consistent outline seen in other characters.

Blast’s suit was crisp and clean in the past and has mild damage now, presumably from his battles!


Considering the fact that he never shows up, it is easy to write off Blaast as egotistic.  After all, a lot of A-Class and S-Class heroes look down upon weaker heroes and seem to place themselves on a pedestal. 

Blast is far from that! He is a relaxed and laid-back person! He shows these qualities in his interaction with Saitama, Flashy Flash, and Manako in chapter 137 of the manga

Blast and Saitama

This is shown during his meeting with Flashy Flash, Saitama, and Mananko. The three were in possession of the mysterious cube which was used by “God” to “bless” people, he calmly inquired if they had accepted God’s offer. 

Even when Flashy Flash tried to test Blast’s true abilities with his fastest attacks, Blast easily dodged him and asked him to calm down. Blast even took his name and rank, implying that he is aware of everything that’s going on in the world. 

Blast is an analytical individual as well. He is able to understand situations with ease and act accordingly. During the fight between Saitama and Garou, Blast managed to save the Earth with his teleportation at the right moment! 

Blast and the Hero Association: 

Even though he’s the strongest hero, Blast rarely engages with monsters. Just like Saitama, he treats the hero’s job as a hobby and pursues his own goals instead!

When I say he treats this job as a hobby, it’s not in the same way as Saitama. You could probably find our City Z hero running around frantically to fight a monster from time to time and is always there to fight a major threat! May it be a meteor, a super-strong sea creature, a human turned monster, or anything else. 

On the other hand, NOBODY knows Blast’s whereabouts unless he tells the head of the Hero Association directly. They don’t know what he’s doing at any given time! 

Many have raised concerns about Blast’s behavior in the Hero Association. But, he’s considered to be an exception due to his overwhelming strength. Sitch, the Officer of Justice at the Hero Association also believes that Blast will come to save the day humanity is endangered! 

However, this doesn’t mean that Blast has been exploiting the Hero Association and not using his powers to help people! Many heroes like Tatsumaki and Flashy Flash were directly inspired by the heroic acts of Blast who has saved their lives before! 

Blast saves Tatsumaki

Still, Blast rarely shows up. But, we mentioned above that his suit has a lot of scratches now and yet he hasn’t shown up in a while, right? Well, you see, Blast serves a higher purpose!

Blast’s Motives: 

Blast has the ability to understand all of the Cosmos. His ability allows him to teleport using a dimensional rift, meaning to other planets as well. During his conversation with King, we saw him fight alongside other heroes from different worlds as well.

Hence, Blast only appears when a god-level threat presents itself to destroy humanity as he’s busy saving other planets in the meantime! 

Blast calmly explained that it is his job to collect these mysterious cubes, presumably to prevent God from becoming free! For those unaware, the Mural states that God will be resurrected when a worthy sacrifice is found!  

All the beings who’ve received God’s blessings have become Dragon-level threats with ease! That too with just a fraction of his power, just try to imagine how strong God itself is!  

This is why Blast has stopped engaging with Dragon-level threats like he used to before. The number one hero probably believes that explaining all of this to the Hero Association would be useless; the Heroes are not strong enough after all. 

So, Blast has taken it upon himself to deal with this God being, fighting to save the planet and possibly the universe!