One Punch Man: Who Is God? How Strong Is He?

This being, named “God”, is as mysterious as you’d expect!

One Punch Man

In chapter 109 of the One Punch Manga, we were introduced to one of the eeriest panels in manga history!

The chapter revealed a new being, who has become the center of attraction in the series.

This being, named “God”, is as mysterious as you’d expect! Let’s take a look!

Who Is God In One Punch Man?

God appeared in Homeless Emperor’s head as a humanoid-shaped being, comprised of swirling air.

god and homeless emperor

It persuaded the Homeless Emperor into believing that he was correct—people are stupid.

But, God reassured the poor lad that he didn’t have to die because of others.

Instead, it allowed the Homeless Emperor to deal with people, thereby turning him from an absolute nobody into a dragon-level threat! 

“I’ll give you power,  What to do with this power, you should know” is what prompted the Homeless Emperor to ally himself with the Monster Association and launch his campaign against humanity!

According to an ancient mural found underground in the monster association base, “Crossing the vast expanse of time, our god shall resurrect on this Earth. When on this altar… a worthy sacrifice is offered.” 

god shrine opm

It shows a large, humanoid being with a spiral-like body, hinting toward its overwhelming strength.

From these texts, we can figure out that this God being, who was sealed away or defeated long ago, was an overwhelmingly strong figure! 

In Chapter 139 of the manga, Blast informs us about the cubes that God utilized to grant his powers to other beings and how he’s trying to collect all of these cubes to prevent any sort of mishappenings! 

Since Blast is working so hard to ensure that God remains away, how strong has God to be?

How Strong Is God In One Punch Man?

First, let’s take a look at the people “blessed” by God and how it affected them.

So far, this God has “blessed” Psykorochi. Evil Natural Water, Sage Serpent, Homeless Emperor, and Garou!


All of these characters received a very small portion of God’s powers, and rose up to disaster-level Dragon or became stronger Dragon-level threats instantly!

The only exception here is Garou, who has quite literally become a disaster-level God who is Star Buster Level and that is just from Garou taking a tiny fraction of God’s power.

Garou states after taking his power, he understands the cosmos and all the energy in the galaxy, which then buffs his punches.

Therefore this celestial being is likely at a Galaxy level beyond cosmic and understands energy in its finest form.

In fact, it is way beyond the comprehension of what humans should be able to understand, he made the Homeless emperor melt away like Goo after taking his powers away.

This God is quite possibly the strongest being in the series after Saitama!

Why else would Blast the number one hero who has gathered the Avengers that are of equal strength to him trying to stop this being from being unsealed?

It means this God scales higher than all of them combined and requires an immense amount of abilities, powers, and strategy to stop!