One Punch Man Manga Adds Tatsumaki To Saitama’s Harem!

Tatsumaki and Saitama One Punch Man 182
One Punch Man

One Punch Man Chapter 182 is here, and Saitama has recruited another person into his harem! This time, it’s Tatsumaki. the Tornado of Terror!

Let’s take a look at the most important moments of this chapter!

Saitama Uses His Head As A Flashbang:

It was revealed in One Punch Man chapter 182 that Saitama’s bald head provides utility in battle.

If Saitama positions himself in the right way, he can use his shiny bald head to blind his enemies!

saitama bald

Saitama did so in chapter 182 of the manga, completely blinding Tatsumaki! As dumb and hilarious as it may be, this is not the first time that a character has done so in shonen.

Characters from Dragon Ball have used this blinding attack a lot. This list of characters includes Goku, Krillin, Cell, and Tien Sinhan!

In fact, this is an actual technique called Solar Flare in Dragon Ball! 

It is usually used as a form of tactical retreat, or to leave the opponent defenseless.

However, Saitama has no need for such shenanigans as he is the strongest character in the series, having fought Tatsumaki in crocs!

Tatsumaki Is Starting To Develop Feelings For Saitama!

Tatsumaki’s fans have been aware of her quick temper since her first appearance in the story.

She never hesitated to react and was always ready to confront anyone who annoyed her.

Despite the fact that not much had altered in earlier sections, Tatsumaki acquired a newfound admiration for Saitama after their fight.

Tatsumaki and Saitama cute

The readers expressed their approval of this chapter and expressed enthusiasm for witnessing a new bond form between these two characters.

One Punch Man Chapter 182 also showed how Tatsumaki essentially traumatized Fubuki into awakening her psychic powers.

This left a sense of deep regret in Tatsumaki too, who swore to protect her sister.

She always craved for Blast’s validation too, since he was the only true inspirational figure in her life.

While she couldn’t receive that, and nobody else was stronger, Tatsumaki was lost. With Saitama being able to outlast her with ease, it seems like a few strings have been struck.

Saitama’s little speech/advice about how Tatsumaki should live touched her heart, especially because it came from someone who could match her strength.

Furthermore, Tatsumaki’s statement about challenging him again cements this even more.

While this statement lets Tatsumaki feed her own ego, it is also her way of wanting to spend more time and get to know Saitama!

Final Thoughts:

One Punch Man Chapter 182 has certainly brought a new angle to Saitama and Tatsumaki’s relationship. Tatsumaki, who is known for being a powerful force, gained a newfound admiration for Saitama after their fight.

This was evident when she compared him to Blast, showing that he had a positive influence on the second-ranked hero. It will be fascinating to see how their relationship evolves in the upcoming chapters.