One Punch Man: Every Time Saitama Got Serious!

Saitama serious featured
One Punch Man

Saitama is the strongest person in One Punch Man by a huge margin. This means that 99% of Saitama’s fights end with a normal punch!

However, there are some characters who have managed to squeeze just a little bit of Saitama’s powers out! Here’s a list of every time Saitama got serious!

1) Serious Punch vs Boros:

During the finale of the first season of One Punch Man, fans finally got to witness what Saitama is capable of!

saitama vs boros serious punch

Against Boros, Saitama resorted to attacks like normal punches, consecutive normal punches, and the like! 

However, after Boros sent Saitama to the moon and pleads to Saitama to use his powers, things get serious!

Saitama used one Serious Punch to destroy him, and his ship and also send shockwaves across the entire planet!

2) Serious Side Hops:

Fans didn’t have to wait to see the next entry in the serious series, as in episode 14 of the anime, Saitama met Speed-o’-Sound Sonic!

saitama serious side hops

Sonic was feisty for revenge, and came with a new attack under his arsenal!

Sonic had become so fast that he could create 10 afterimages while side-stepping! Fubuki stated that Sonic’s speed alone easily makes him an S-Class hero!

To counter Sonic, Saitama used the Serious Side Hops, where he hops from left to right to create a wall of afterimages!

Saitama could even walk forward while using the attack and knocked Sonic unconscious in seconds!

3) Serious Punch vs The Elder Centipede: 

In Episode 24 of the manga, Genos, King, Bang, and Bomb were fighting the Elder Centipede, a dragon-level threat.

saitama vs elder centipede

However, their combined strength wasn’t enough to tame the monster!

That’s when King had an amazing idea. He found Saitama roaming around and asked him to attack the giant Monster.

King lured the Elder Centipede by saying that he is Blast, the strongest hero. Seeking revenge the wild monster rushed in!

The Elder Centipede was met with a devastating serious punch that annihilated the dragon-level threat in an instant!

4) Serious Squirt Gun vs Orochi

During the Monster Association Arc, Saitama was late to the party. In chapter 154 of the manga, he stumbled across Orochi, the leader of the Monster Association.

serious squirt gun

Since the area was deep underground, rivers of molten lava were flowing around.

Saitama saw these as a good way to take a hot, refreshing bath and submerged himself into molten lava!

Orochi had attacked Saitama a few times already but to no avail.

Hence, Orochi decided to go all out! He used his Gaia Canon, an attack that takes energy from the very core of the Earth!

While submerged in lava, Saitama took some of the lava in his hands and turned it into a high-pressured Squirt that easily overpowered the Gaia Cannon!

5) Serious Punch vs Evil Ocean Water:

In chapter 157 of the manga, Saitama used his serious punch on Evil Ocean Water, another dragon-level threat, who also became one with the ocean! 

saitama vs evil ocean water

Saitama’s serious punch managed to dissipate the monster’s form completely and split the whole ocean into two!

6) Serious Headbutt

In chapter 92 of the webcomic, Garou encountered Saitama and threw a punch!

serious headbutt

However, Saitama countered it with a Serious Headbutt and broke his arm!

7) Serious Punch Squared vs Garou

In chapter 167 of the manga, Saitama fought against Cosmic Garou, his strongest enemy so far!

serious punch 2 one punch man

Against Cosmic Fear Garou we saw Serious Punch Squared which would have destroyed the entire planet without Blast moving them to space where it destroyed countless stars.

7) Omnidirectional Serious Punch vs Garou

First used against Comsic Garou, the Omnidirectional Serious Punch sees Saitama leap from multiple angles, creating multiple afterimages. 

Omnidirectional Serious Punch

Garou tried to escape by using a hyperspace portal, but the attack leaves no space to escape!

8) Serious Table Flip:

During the same fight, Saitama and Garou ended up landing on io, one of Jupter’s satellites!

serious flip saitama vs garou

Whilst on io, Saitama stuck his fingers in the ground and used Serious Table Flip, ripping the entire moon apart!!

9) Serious Sneeze:

And Saitama’s most devastating serious moment was his serious Sneeze removing Jupiter’s atmosphere from its core.

serious sneeze saitama

Meaning it has the power to destroy Earth… 90 TIMES!