One Punch Man Chapter 199: The New Ninja Village’s New Leader

In the chapter, we see Flashy Flash and Speed-O-Sound Sonic deal with all the ninja village alliance. 

flashy flash opm chapter 199
One Punch Man

Chapter 199 of the One Punch Man manga is here, and it finally brings an end to the reworked Ninja Village arc!

In the chapter, we see Flashy Flash and Speed-O-Sound Sonic deal with all the ninja village alliance.

Without any further ado, lets take a look at the chapter.

One Punch Man Chapter 199:

The chapter starts with Flashy Flash and Sonic talking about their skills competitively, arguing about who’s the strongest.

The Ninja alliance starts to attack, stating that the only thing special about them is speed, which can be countered by weapons.

One of the ninjas uses his weapon “Cutter Whip” to attack, which is capable of breaking the sound barrier!

However, before he could even attack, Sonic moves at the speed of a sonic boom and cuts the ninja’s head clean!

In the very next instant, Flashy Flash follows up with “Flowing Shadow Feet”, releasing an ever-bigger supersonic shockwave.

We see a light pass through the ninjas, cutting them down. This pisses off Sonic in a competitive way, wondering if Flashy Flash is trying to assert dominance.

Meanwhile, some of the ninja village guys feel that they have to somehow stop Flash from moving, which can allow others to kill him.

That’s when the other ninjas push them down, causing them to fall on Flash. The other ninjas see this as the perfect opportunity, hoping to impale Flash along with their comrades.

Flash relies on his quick thinking, and uses one of the ninjas as a weapon as swings him around!

Sonic jumps in too, cutting one of the ninjas into pieces, although he was a bit late.

Flash also comments on this, saying that Sonic gets zero points for coordination.

Sonic chuckles, blaming it on the village’s way of teaching. Flashy Flash ties two of the guys down, whom he had fought against during the Monster Association Arc.

He says that they can provide valuable information since they transformed back into humans.

Another ninja, who is huge, attacks with a huge punch, but the two manage to dodge and land a simultaneous kick on the head, knocking it down!

Sonic then throws a few explosive shurikens to trap all the ninjas and tells Flash to attack. Flash says that he knows what to do, and starts going on a rampage! He jumps from one object to another, slashing ninjas on the way.

When they get cornered and stand in a circle together, wondering if the two had been training to cooperate together.

Sonic suddenly jumps in and slashes all the heads off. This finishes off all the remaining ninjas!

Flashy Flash tells Sonic that he believed that Sonic had succumbed to the Village Leader and never really recovered.

Sonic replies that he isn’t even bothered about the leader, calling him a fossil. He further adds that it was a good opportunity to sever ties with the village while getting a chance to see Flash’s skills.

He jokingly says that Flashy Flash is good enough to become his right-hand man. Flashy chuckles and says that he is stronger, remembering that Sonic had always been competitive and confident.

The chapter ends here, along with the arc!