One Punch Man Chapter 195: Ninja Village’s Plan To Kill Flashy Flash, Blast Is Working With Saitama!

We also see Blast focus on the monsterization process

Blast and Saitama
One Punch Man

Chapter 195 of the One Punch Manga is here, and it brings a lot of build-up and hype as we prepare for bigger fights!

We also see Blast focus on the monsterization process, and is confronted by Flashy Flash about the details he’s aware about!

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at the chapter!

One Punch Man Chapter 195 Explained:

The chapter starts with Speed-O-Sound Sonic using an ice pack on his head while he’s surrounded by the alumni of the Ninja Village.

They ask him to join him in their Ninja Village alliance to dominate the world. Although it is forbidden for ninjas to contact each other, this is an exception as their original leader is back.

He was sent into a coma fifteen years ago after a fight against Blast, meaning he is a very powerful person.

opm 195

They want Sonic to call Flashy Flash to meet him so that they can jump on him and catch the S-rank hero by surprise.

Their next goal is to kill Blast and then dominate the world.

The scene then shifts to the Hero Association, where Blast, Flashy Flash, and Saitama are working on experiments to separate the monster cells from humans.

The experiment is horrific, where the person/monster gets big electric shocks, sending their vitals into critical zones.

Opm chapter 195 experiment

Here, they are experimenting on the fighters from the martial arts tournament who ate those monster cells.

While the experiment was about to be canceled, one of the martial artists volunteered so that he could meet eye-to-eye with his students.

Flashy Flash then asks Blast about God, who is somehow connected to the Ninja Village. Before Blast could reply, the chapter ends there.