One Punch Man Chapter 185: Genos Reveals New Form, Child Emperor Is Against Hero Association!

The chapter focuses on the activities of S-Class heroes after the previous arc.

One Punch Man

Chapter 185 of One Punch Man is here, and it focuses on explaining the effect of the previous events on our favorite heroes like Genos, Child Emperor, Superalloy Darkshine, Tank-Top Master, and more!

One Punch Man Chapter 184 Recap:

The previous chapter saw Tatsumaki feature in a commercial for the Hero Association.

However, it was manipulated to a great extent for a positive audience response. Elsewhere, the Hero Association scouts tried to recruit new members.

That’s when they learned about a new hero organization that was in the making.

One Punch Man Chapter 185:

The chapter starts off with Flashy Flash questioning a monster about God. After the monster said that he doesn’t know any God, Flashy Flash mocks him and questions about the rest of the Monster Association.

The monster decides to launch a sneak attack on the S-Class hero instead, resulting in his death.

Flashy Flash is searching for Manako, as he believes that she’s one of the only monsters to have made direct contact with God.

Hence, finding her before someone else crushes her is crucial.

He then thinks of asking Saitama for help, hoping to shape him into a better hero simultaneously.

opm chapter 185

The chapter then changes the scene to Tank Top Hero, who’s back in shape. He then conducts the Tank Top meeting, however, only a handful of heroes show up.

Apparently, most heroes, even the ones in A class retired after witnessing the scale of the battle between Tatsumaki and Psykos.

However, Tank Top Master doesn’t let this get to him, stating that his gut tells him that new recruits would come soon.

Just then, threw heroes show up, hoping to follow in the S-rank heroes’ footsteps.

The scene then shifts to Monster Chick Man, who has become a traffic mascot, guiding children crossing the streets.

He spotted Child Emperor, who gets him into a cafe. Here, the S-Class Hero kept a gun pointed at the former monster under the table.

opm chapter 185 2


Child Emperor states that Chick Man’s information about the Hero Association’s dark side was true. Hence, he wants to know the source of his intel.

We then see Superalloy Darkshine training. However, he is suffering from severe PTSD from his battle against Garou.

Simply thinking about battling a monster is scaring him. Captain Mizuki is keeping an eye on the S-Class hero and is extremely concerned.

The chapter then shifts to an attack in City Y by the forest folk, a tiger-level threat.

While the Tank Top Heroes were able to keep the monsters at bay, the Forest King showed up!

This dragon-level monster was manhandling all the heroes until Genos showed up with a big blast!

opm chapter 185 genos

Genos shows off his new powers, defeating the dragon-level threat off-screen. The chapter cuts to Genos informing Saitama about his new upgrades.

After witnessing his insane strength, the Tanktop heroes train to become even stronger!

The chapter ends here, further building the presence of Neo Heroes with the Child Emperor segment and showing how even the strongest, the S-Class was affected by the Monster Association!