One Punch Man Chapter 183: Fubuki Finds Hero Association’s Secrets, Tatsumaki Gets Praised!

McCoy was planning to sell the monsters to an external party for a large sum of money.

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With the release of One Punch Man Chapter 183, followers of the franchise were able to see what happened after the fight between Tatsumaki and Saitama.

The Hero Association headquarters were destroyed, and the demon-level monsters were defeated, which could have caused a lot of difficulties for the Association.

However, Fubuki arrived just in time with a resolution to the problem!

One Punch Man Chapter 182 Recap:

In the chapter before, Tatsumaki fought Saitama and pushed herself beyond her limit, resulting in her collapsing.

While unconscious, she experienced memories of Blast and Fubuki before awakening to find Saitama beside her.

This led to her recognizing his power. Meanwhile, Fubuki reunited with her group, the Blizzard group.

One Punch Man Chapter 183 Summary:

One Punch Man Chapter 183 begins with Saitama returning to his residence and realizing that he needs to buy new clothes.

When he arrives home, he discovers that three A-class heroes – Forte, Butterfly DX, and Chain’n’Toad – are waiting for him.

As soon as he arrives, Forte apologizes for his previous behavior and attempts to establish a friendly alliance by offering his own clothes to Saitama.

After the trio of heroes departed from Saitama’s apartment, Butterfly DX expressed his bewilderment over Forte’s abrupt change in attitude towards Saitama.

Forte disclosed that he witnessed Saitama’s incredible fighting abilities, which convinced him of Saitama’s tremendous strength.

Consequently, Forte aimed to win Saitama’s support by not only looking after him but also taking on the challenges posed by Black Sperm and Overgrown Rover.

At the Demon-Level Monster Containment Level, three A-class heroes – Stinger, Lightning Max, and Blue Fire – arrived to investigate the situation after the members of the Blizzard group disclosed that a single A-class hero had defeated all the monsters.

In the meantime, the executives of the Hero Association were unaware of the identity of the Tsukuyomi.

It was then that Gearsper enlightened them that the group was a mythical entity known only among the Esper community.

He speculated that members of the Monster Association might have impersonated the Tsukuyomi to negotiate a trade-off for the return of Psykos.

Shortly after, Fubuki arrived and began to negotiate with the Hero Association Director McCoy.

She discovered that contrary to his claim that he was containing the monsters for weapon development, McCoy was planning to sell the monsters to an external party for a large sum of money.

McCoy immediately recognized that Fubuki had a motive for seeking him out.

Fubuki disclosed that her goal was to conceal the controversy surrounding Tatsumaki.

She proposed that the remnants of the monsters be removed from the Association and taken outside the city to make it appear as if the city had been under attack, and Tatsumaki had single-handedly defeated the monsters.

This plan would not only salvage Tatsumaki’s reputation but also rebuild people’s confidence in the Association.

McCoy agreed to Fubuki’s proposal, and Tatsumaki subsequently brought the monster remains to the surface, as per the agreement.

However, it turned out to be a ruse, as one of the remains had Psykos hidden inside.

Tatsumaki used her abilities to transport Psykos into her car, and they left the Hero Association HQ.

Simultaneously, the broadcast of the incident brought Tatsumaki into the spotlight. Here, she was lauded for defeating all the monsters on her own, which enhanced the Hero Association’s reputation.

However, the Hero Association headquarters soon discovered that Psykos had gone missing.

Tatsumaki feigned responsibility and began searching for the missing esper.

Meanwhile, Child Emperor uncovered various instances of concealment and deception during the entire incident.

One Punch Man chapter 183 ends with Child Emperor frustrated over the organization’s actions!