One Punch Man Chapter 179: Tatsumaki vs Saitama Gets Serious

An enranged Tatsumaki starts to get serious against Saitama

One Punch Man

One Punch ManĀ Chapter 179 is out, and fans are extremely excited to see Saitama and Tatsumaki punch it out.

Chapter 178 Recap:

In Chapter 178 of the manga, Saitama grabbed onto Tatsumaki’s hands to try and stop her from hurting the Blizzard group members.

However, given how Saitama was trying so hard for Fubuki’s group, Tatsumaki suspected his feelings toward her sister.

To prevent further destruction, Saitama flew outside the Hero Association while grabbing onto Tatsumaki.

Chapter 179 Explained:

One Punch ManĀ chapter 179 is titled Witnesses. The chapter opens with a family of three making their way to the Hero Condo in A-City.

The family decided that the Condo is the safest place for them to live, even if it means taking a 35-year Loan!

Meanwhile, Saitama and Tatsumaki crash-landed into an open area, 2 km away from the Condo. Tatsumaki was still angry, as Saitama wouldn’t let go of him, calling him a pervert.

Then, Saitama explains that he wasn’t letting go of Tatsumaki’s hand to prevent her from running away.

tatsumaki vs saitama dialogue opm

This sends Tatsumaki into a fit of rage. This is natural, of course, as most people would never dare to even open their mouths in her presence, and yet, this bald guy thinks that she’s scared of her.

Looking at Tatsumaki’s expression, Saitama finally lets go of her hand! Tatsumaki almost instantly flicks him away with a finger, claiming that she can finally use some of her power against someone.

She then generates a tornado out of nowhere and makes numerous boulders size pieces of Earth fly in the air.

Back at the Hero Association, some heroes are taking information from the Blizzard Group about the situation.

As they move the boulder, they find out that the Tsukuyomi members have escaped.

Tsumuyoki members

The escaping Tsukuyomi members and the people in the car also spotted Tatsumaki’s tornado.

At the same time, the Hero Association picks up on the tremors from the Tornado as well. They send out an emergency message to all heroes, but it seems like all high-ranking heroes are busy.

The car with the family moving into the Condo was almost struck by Tatsumaki’s attacks twice too!

She even tries to frame Saitama as the person trying to harm the civilians!

In fact, Tatsumaki calls him a baldy too! Triggered, Saitama calls her a midget! To this, Tatsumaki replies “I’m gonna pulverize and turn you into fertilizer”.

tatsumaki vs Saitama One Punch Man

Tatsumaki then kept on attacking Saitama, who was simply dodging the attacks. She even called him pathetic and stated that she would never entrust her sister to someone who only runs from attacks.

As one would expect, Saitama doesn’t care enough about this, he just wants to go home!

The chapter ends here, with Tatsumaki even angrier than before!

Final Thoughts:

This was an amazing chapter overall, showcasing both Tatsumaki and Saitama’s strengths in their own ways. The comedy was also well-placed as usual, making the fight even more entertaining.

I am looking forward to seeing what happens next as Tatsumaki is now offended!