One Piece: The Significance Of The Ancient Robot In The Story And Why You Should Care About It!

Ancient Robot’s name revealed in the latest One Piece chapter may hint at its impostant role in the series.

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Warning: The following article contains major spoilers from the One Piece manga. Read ahead at your own discretion!

One Piece Chapter 1119 was an amazing chapter that revealed many cool scenes and revelations!

The chapter ended with the return of the ancient robot referred to as the Iron Giant by marines.

Not only did the iron giant return, it hit one of the Gorosei members, and we also learned its true name from Joyboy himself.

The robot’s name is Emeth, and although this name has no known meaning in the world created by Eiichiro Oda, it holds a strong meaning in our world and other pieces of literature.

This can hint at the robot’s role in the series.

Ancient Robot’s Salvation

The first connection that fan made with the name Emeth was the character with the same name from C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia series.

Emeth appears in the book titled The Last Battle, and his story revolves around salvation within, which, by many, is understood to be an implicit endorsement of the doctrinal idea of inclusivism.

If true, this could reference Emeth being saved by a deity named Aslan after spending his role participating in a conspiracy making use of a false Aslan to trick Narnians.

In the context of Christian theology, this is similar to inclusivism, which asserts that God should offer salvation to those outside of Christian theology even if their actions directly oppose and condemn the said god.

This could be a hint that Emeth was originally an enemy of Joyboy, who was forgiven by Joyboy. Furthermore, his salvation might come through helping the current reincarnation of Joyboy, Luffy.

It would also explain why the iron giant apologizes to Joyboy throughout the arc.

However, this is not the only connection that fans have made.

The Bible’s Use Of Word Emet

In the Bible, the word emet is used to describe God and is said to literally mean faithfulness or truth.

It is used to specifically describe God as the source of all emet, or truth and faithfulness, in Exodus 34:6.

While it does not seem that the iron giant will be represented as God, Oda might be playing with Emet’s meaning of truth or faithfulness.

It further strengthens given how the Iron Giant is faithful to Joyboy, as its first words after a century of slumber are Joyboy.

It would also suggest that Luffy and his crew may put their trust in Emeth, similar to how Joyboy did. This could explain why the ancient robot wakes up again and attacks one of the Gorosei member.

Furthermore, the robot could also be the source of revealing what had happened during the void century!

While these are just fans’ speculations right now, we hope that the conclusion of the Egghead arc may give us some more hints or proofs towards one of the above speculations.

If any of the speculations are correct, ancient robots will play a big role in the series, without a doubt.