One Piece: The Multiverse is Real and Here is Why it Matters

Jewelry Bonney can access these alternate timelines with her Devil Fruit power

One Piece Multiverse with Adult Luffy from Good timeline and bad timeline
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One Piece can be either a simple pirate adventure or a complex geopolitical story depending on who you ask.

The story has even dabbled in some Science-Fiction in the most recent Egghead Island Arc.

Despite the variety that One Piece offers, dipping in the recent multiverse trend is not what most people expect.

The thing is, The One Piece multiverse has been long in the making going back multiple years.

And these alternate futures come in the form of drawings from Oda’s question corner, the SBS.

The Good and Bad Timelines in the SBS

Before we start exploring these alternate futures, it is important to know what an SBS even is.

The SBS is a question corner where the author of One Piece answers questions from fans. Most of the time these end up being silly shenanigans, but Oda can drop some earth-shattering information sometimes.

Oda has drawn various endings for the Straw Hats and other characters in these SBSs. They’re mainly supposed to represent a good ending (which is likely the canon one) and a bad one.

r/OnePiece - Straw Hat Pirates 40/60 sbs

At first, they were nothing more than just “what if” from the author. But that has completely changed with the introduction of Jewelry Bonney’s true Devil Fruit powers.

r/OnePiece - Straw Hat Pirates 40/60 sbs

Bonney’s True Power

Bonney’s Devil Fruit can age the user and others around them either up or down. Or at least that is the extent of what we as an audience thought was possible, this all changed during the Egghead Island Arc.

The true power of the fruit lies in the ability to age people into their alternate timeline forms. She uses this to give herself a strong physique from a different timeline where she inherited Kuma’s genes strongly.

Bonney calls her technique “Time Distortion” and can even affect those in her proximity with it. Luffy gets reintroduced as a 70-year-old from a different future.

But interestingly enough, these versions of Luffy and Chopper do not line up with those from the SBS. Luffy’s age does not match up with the bad timeline but he still could be from the same one.

But Chopper is undoubtedly different from both his good and bad versions. This showcases that there are more possible timelines that Bonney could tap into.

Certain community members have proposed an interesting idea: Bonney might bring Luffy to his peak potential.

With the immediate threat of Saint Jaygarcia, this could be a great way to overcome this. And having a peek at what could be the strongest version of Luffy would be amazing!

That said there are certainly issues with this idea. First and foremost is Bonney’s poor control over her Devil Fruit, but she could overcome it.

Bonney like so many others, is waiting for The Warrior of Liberation, Nika to return and free her. She finds out that Luffy bears Nika’s powers and decides to fulfill her father’s wish by assisting him.

This would give Bonney the motivation to get a grip and use her powers properly. But this would also line up with the themes of this arc and all the dominoes that Oda has set up.

We could be seeing a legendary moment that will forever leave its mark on Luffy’s journey to become King of the Pirates.