One Piece: Kaido’s Past Explained

Kaido is an important person in the world of One Piece, and one with a rich history.

One Piece

Kaido, the leader of the Beast Pirates and one of the four Yonko, is one of the strongest characters in the One Piece universe!

As one of the four Yonko, Kaido is an important person in the world of One Piece, and one with a rich history. In this article, we’re going to take a look at Kaido’s past!

Kaido’s Childhood:

While we don’t know anything about Kaido’s parents, he was introduced as a 10-year-old oni living in the Vodka Kingdom.

The Vodka Kingdom is a nation forced to steal from other nations to pay royalties to the World Government.

There, he was feared by the whole Kingdom and was their strongest soldier. While the Kingdom was able to pay the Heavenly Tribute and survive, the King wanted to join the Reverie.

For that, they sold Kaido to the World Government, where he would become a Marine. Kaido was captured after being caught off guard, but not for long.

Kaido managed to break free, but he let himself be caught again so that he could eat and fight, earning the reputation of being a madman.

At the age of 15, Kaido made another escape, which led him to Beehive Island, where was involved in a duel. At the time, Rocks D. Xebec had set camp on the island, where Whitebeard ended up witnessing Kaido’s duel.

He invited Kaido to join the Rocks pirates, to which the Oni agreed.

Kaido and the Rocks Pirates:

Then, Kaido established himself as one of the most dangerous pirates on the sea. During his time in the crew, Kaido also became close friends with Big Mom.

The crew then decided to head to the God Valley, where they launched an attack on the Celestial Dragons.

Unfortunately, this would turn into their last battle, as the Marines led by Garp and Gol D. Roger’s Roger Pirates formed a temporary alliance to defeat the Rocks Pirates.

After the crew fell apart, Kaido ate the Mythical Zoan Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu Devil Fruit on the same day.

Kaido’s Rise To Yonko:

At some point after the God Valley Incident, Kaido was captured again, probably because he let them.

Before escaping, he freed King and recruited him as the first member of his crew. By the time 10 years had passed since the God Valley Incident, Kaido was known as the Embodiment of Strength.

After a talk with Higurashi, Kaido beelined to the Wano Country to get weapons and seize the whole nation.

Kaido grew up in a war-torn area, and to him, the only time he didn’t get what he needed was when he was too weak as a child.

Therefore, to him, war was the way of life as animals like humans could never live in true peace. He taught the same to his crew as he waged a war against the Celestial Dragons with his crew, the Beat Pirates.

In his time at Wano, Kaido had become a huge manufacturer of weapons and grew his pirate crew immensely, becoming one of the strongest people in the world.

He also fought Oden, whom he managed to defeat with Higurashi’s help. This also gave him a new goal: waiting for Joyboy.

Yamato states that Oden wanted to open the Wano country for Joyboy to arrive, which became Kaido’s objective for staying in Wano.

Kaido built his strength until he became the strongest creature on the planet and waited for Joyboy, wanting to fight the strongest being he could imagine.

In the end, Kaido is defeated by Luffy, who awakened his Devil Fruit to reveal his true powers, revealing that he is Joyboy.

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