One Piece: Jewelery Bonney’s Devil Fruit Explained

One Piece: Jewelry Bonney’s Secret Devil Fruit Revealed

One Piece: Jewelry Bonney
One Piece: Jewelry Bonney

There are many devil fruits in One Piece that have remained unnamed, despite their powers being exposed. One of them is Jewelry Bonney’s devil fruit!


Bonney has earned herself a 320,000,000 berry bounty, and her devil fruit powers certainly played a part in that. With this mysterious paramecia-type fruit, she is able to control the age of anything. That includes herself, living things, and the environment around her. 

Bonney’s Weaknesses

There are a few weaknesses, which makes sense. After all, having the ability to control time should come with some limits. Anything that is altered will eventually revert to its correct state. Furthermore, the targets of this ability retain their memories and consciousness. 

Bonney and Zoro

Regardless of the limits, Bonney’s devil fruit still gives her a lot of utility. The first time we saw this power demonstrated was during the Sabaody Archipelago Arc. Zoro had been shot at by a Celestial Dragon, and he was about to retaliate after dodging the bullet. Suddenly, Bonney leapt at him while smashing tomato juice on his face so it would look like he had been hit. 

Bonney saving Zoro

She was in her child form, so she was able to pretend that he was her big brother. By acting like he had been killed, she was able to outsmart the corrupt noble that shot him. A much larger incident was prevented because of her acting combined with her devil fruit power.

Of course, Bonney doesn’t just use this ability to trick others. Her devil fruit gives her an immense combat advantage. She has been known to turn her opponents into toddlers or elderly people, making them incapable of fighting back. 

Bonney’s Devil Fruit Abilities

On top of that, she has an arsenal of special attacks at her disposal. Starting with “Distortion Future”, she accesses an alternate future version of herself. She mostly uses this to become incredibly muscular, buffing her strength and durability. We could also see her use this ability on Luffy in Egghead’s scrapyard, making him an elderly man from a different reality.

Her next move is called “Age Skewer”. With this attack, she stabs someone with a staff and reverts them to a child form. The years she takes off of her target are turned into glittering gems.

Bonney's old form

Her final move is called “Oil Shock”. Bonney uses this ability to age metal, allowing her to destroy it. We saw her do this in chapter 1072 when she broke a door lock in Vegapunk’s lab. 

While the information we have is limited, it still tells a lot about the nature of Bonney’s devil fruit. Its name could be the Time-Time Fruit, or something to that effect. As new chapters come out, we will learn more about this bewildering power. 

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