Jujutsu Kaisen: All Cursed Objects Explained

In this article, we’re going to take a look at all the Cursed Objects in Jujutsu Kaisen!

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Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen is well known for its intricate power system. Cursed Objects are a significant part of the power system, in fact, they’re as important as cursed tools and cursed spirits!

In this article, we’re going to take a look at all the Cursed Objects in Jujutsu Kaisen!

What Are Cursed Objects? Explained:

A cursed object is a curse, where a cursed spirit exists as an object. It is easy to confuse them with cursed tools, but the two are quite different.

A cursed object has spirits residing inside it, whereas a cursed tool is a weapon/tool imbued with cursed energy.

Cursed objects are generally objects/relics from the past with the remains of Shamans and Curses inside of them.

Sukuna’s fingers are a perfect example. The fingers are what remains of Ryomen Sukuna, who was a Shaman at some point in time.

Apparently, he turned into a cursed spirit after his death, and was then sealed inside his fingers.

There are grades for cursed objects as well. This is important, as special-grade objects like Sukuna’s Fingers are indestructible. Still, they can be sealed and secured.

All Cursed Objects Explained:

Sukuna’s Fingers:

Ryomen Sukuna was a Shaman during the Golden Era of Sorcery, where he was known as a “Natural Calamity”. It took the power of all other Shamans to defeat Sukuna.

However, he turned into a vengeful spirit and became known as the “King of Curses” as he was too strong to kill.

Hence, he was sealed into 20 of his fingers, turning them into special-grade Cursed Objects we know now.

Each of these fingers stores immense amounts of cursed energy. In episode 4 of the anime, we witnessed a curse that ate one of Sukuna’s fingers.

finger bearer jjk

The cursed spirit turned into a special-grade cursed spirit, known as a Finger Bearer.

These fingers are indestructible and therefore have to be sealed away.

Cursed Wombs:

These weird, uterus-looking cursed spirits are infants with the potential of becoming special-grade cursed spirits.


Dagon and the fingerbearer are good examples of a cursed womb.

While much isn’t known about them, cursed wombs are highly dangerous, especially after developing. They can also eat Sukuna’s fingers to become special-grade spirits.

The cursed womb in the image above eventually became a finger bearer by eating one of Sukuna’s fingers.

There are certain types of cursed wombs that were artificially created, kind of.

Cursed Wombs: Death Paintings

Death Paintings are nine special-grade cursed wombs that are half-human and half-curses.

death paintings jujutsu kaisen

These death paintings were born to Noritoshi Kamo, the evilest sorcerer in history and an unknown woman.

Out of the nine, only three have developed successfully so far: Choso, Kechizu, and Ezo.

The other six are as follows: Noranso, Sho-oso, Tanso, Sanso, Kotsuso, and Shoso.

In chapter 208 of the manga, Itadori was revealed to be a death painting, kind of. The topic deserves an article on its own but for now, Itadori is what the death paintings were meant to be.

Comissioned Curtains:

These cursed objects allow a user to prepare a “curtain” or barrier with special conditions.

These are small metal stakes wrapped in talismans. The user will usually put them into the ground with a heavy object.


Then, they will imbue it with cursed energy and recite the normal curtain incantation.

Comisssion Curtains are mainly used by Kenjaku (Geto). The first of these objects was used during the Goodwill Event to allow Mahito and Hanami to wreak havoc.

Prison Realm:

Prison Realm, also referred to as the “Taboo Object”, is a cube with numerous eyes on it.

prison realm jjk

This cursed object is the final remains of a Buddhist Monk known as Genshin.

The special-grade cursed object can seal anything in its unescapable dimension, including Gojo Satoru.

How To Seal A Cursed Object:

A cursed object can be sealed off by covering it with Talismans.

These talismans have Sutras written all over them and help in mainting cursed energy.

When a cursed object is wrapped with it, the talismans prevent its cursed energy from leaking out. This prevents the cursed object from functioning and attracting cursed spirits.

The talisman actually directs the cursed energy of the object in way that it acts as a repel for cursed spirits.

Megumi Fushigoro calls this method as “using poison to fend off poison”.

While this is a pretty neat way of keeping areas safe, talismans become weak over time. After a certain point of time, it changes forms and starts to attract more curses instead.

This completes all the cursed objects in Jujutsu Kaisen!