Is All For One The First Quirk User In My Hero Academia?

The story made fans think the glowing baby was the 1st quirk but All For One proves why he’s him in his backstory.

BOKU NO HERO ACADEMIA © 2014 by Kohei Horikoshi/SHUEISHA Inc.

In all these years, if you ask any My Hero Academia fan out there who is the first quirk user, they’d scream out “IT’S THE GLOWING BABY!” But now, this has changed because, Ladies and gentlemen, Horikoshi revealed something major in chapter 407 connected to All For One.

His entire backstory.

And it states that the biggest villian of My Hero Academia is THE 1ST QUIRK USER, even before the glowing baby!

Well.. sort of….

Who is the first Quirk User in My Hero Academia?

The first quirk we see chronologically is actually All for One’s mother and her ability to harden her limbs.

In Chapter 407, we get the dark story behind All For One’s birth and his powers. The first panel shows his mother, a sex worker suffering from the side effects of her quirk—unusual hardening of body parts—while pregnant with All For One and Yoichi.

This “disease” was obviously one of the several beginnings of quirks. Along with the tumor, she realized 8 months later that she was pregnant. And this makes no sense because who wouldn’t feel strange if something was moving and kicking inside the stomach?

(MHA Chapter 407)

Well, All For One proves he was HIM right from birth, stealing his mother’s quirk by sapping away her very life force. The very next page of the chapter confirmed that the mother’s arm growths had completely disappeared after she passed away giving birth to her twins.

Rats tried to eat them for breakfast, but fate was on their side as the sea carried them away and the next time we see All For One is in an industrial zone, where he reveals his mother’s quirk, i.e., the first quirk revealed in My Hero Academia.

All for One's first quirk and the first quirk in My Hero Academia

From this panel, you can see that All For One had some sort of control of that power, unlike his mother, and hardened all of his limbs, rather than just one arm.

But what about Yoichi?

It was revealed that All For One stole most of the nutrients provided by their mother, leaving Yoichi weak and fragile.

This means that All For One had the ability to steal stuff right from birth, and during his teenage years, he stole many quirks of those born in India and quickly made them his own.

And… what about the glowing baby?

The glowing baby isn’t the first quirk user in My Hero Academia

Chapter 407 confirms that All For One’s mother and himself had given birth to a quirk, a year before the glowing baby was born.

Chapter 1 mentions that, the baby was born in Qing Qing City, China, and was the first registered individual in the world to be born with a Quirk.

And that’s the important part. The baby is special ONLY BECAUSE it was officially the first one in the record books. And that’s because All For One and Yoichi were born on a riverbank, with no soul around to witness.

The baby apparently had nearly 10 million supporters, behind a plea for a return to a more peaceful, secure society. All For One disdained their spotlight and ultimately took their lives and their quirks because of it.

All For One’s philosophy stems from the same comic book that motivated Yoichi to become a hero. He saw how everyone paid tribute to the wicked demon lord out of fear. So he desired a world that existed for his sake alone and wanted everyone to worship him.