Is Aki Hayakawa Dead In Chainsaw Man?

We know that Aki only had 2 years to live, but what happened to him is far worse. 

Chainsaw Man

Aki Hayakawa is one of the most loved characters in Chainsaw Man, and for a reason!

Aki is an eye-catch for all the women, a true edge lord with a strong sense of justice, and a lovable character overall. Some are fas of his serious attitude, while others love him for being a softie on the inside.

In fact, Aki always cried whenever newbies would die! He also decided not to participate in the operation to capture the Gun Devil to prevent any danger to Denji and Power’s lives!

However, we know that the only surviving people are those with a few loose screws!

We know that Aki only had 2 years to live, but what happened to him is far worse.

Disclaimer: This post contains spoilers from the Chainsaw Man manga, read at your discretion.

Is Aki Actually Dead?

Yes, Aki is dead. During the Control Devil arc, Aki was killed by the Gun Devil. However, his death isn’t as simple.

During the Control Devil Arc, Aki realized that he had to save Denji and Power somehow. Soon enough, Aki was at a beach, talking to Maki about this.

Then, Maki revealed her true colors as the Control Devil and put Aki under her control.

She then used all of the abilities possessed by everybody under her control, almost killing the Control Devil.

Aki dies during the Gun Devil’s Attack. Unfortunately, his suffering doesn’t end here.

However, Gun Devil survived, and used Aki’s body, turning him into the Gun Fiend.

The Gun Fiend then rushed to Denji’s location to kill him.

aki gun fiend

Aftermath Of Aki’s Death:

As the Gun fiend, Aki destroyed their home, almost killed Power, and engaged in a huge fight against Denji, almost killing the latter as he was holding back his punches. 

When Denji started fighting again, the two went at it for a while. To Aki, this reminded him of the time he went out to play with his brother in the snow.

While his blood brother died that day, in Aki’s mind, this fight was that snowball fight he never had as a kid, this was his desire. 

But, he later notices that Denji was crying, for the first time. That is when the realization hit him, he wasn’t Aki anymore.

And, Denji, his younger brother, had to kill him. He had no choice.

To Aki, it was painful because he tried to kill his new family instead of saving them, he had finally found happiness and it was snatched from him.

To Denji, this was arguably his most important bond, and he had to live knowing that his body is stained with his brother’s blood, which involuntarily triggers his childhood trauma as he killed his father in self-defense as a child, too.

This led Denji into a spiral, he was lost. As time went by, he stopped taking decisions for himself, and eventually leading to his downfall; something we discussed in another post about Denji.

Will Aki Come Back To Life?

While there’s a chance for many characters to come back to life, Aki is one of the last I wish would come back. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Aki.

However, Aki’s death was the turning point of Chainsaw Man part 1. If he were to come back, there’s a good chance that the significance of Aki’s death will get diluted.

Furthermore, we haven’t seen humans reincarnate in the series so far.

Still, some fans have an interesting theory regarding the Gun Devil. What happens to a single chunk of the Gun Devil’s body part after it dies?

Does it reincarnate in Hell before appearing once again on Earth? How does it work?

Well, it’s up to Fujimoto sensei to decide if he wants to explore that route!