Explaining Why Hitoshi Shinso Joining Deku’s Class In My Hero Academia Epilogue Makes Sense

If you didn’t know, Shinso joining Deku’s class was foreshadowed way back in chapter 216 during the Joint Training arc between Class 1-A and 1-B!


Warning: The following article contains major spoilers from My Hero Academia manga. Read ahead at your own discretion!

Chapter 425 of My Hero Academia might have been boring to some of you lot, or for those Slice of Life fans, it was a regular day of reading manga. Sure, there was stuff happening like the revelation that Deku merely has the embers of One For All anymore or another villain potentially appearing in the next chapter. But what was actually satisfying for long-term fans like myself is seeing Shinso fulfilling his dream and finally being accepted into the hero course by joining class 2-A, which is Deku’s class.

Hitoshi Shinso is one of My Hero Academia’s uniquely crafted characters. He’s honestly interesting and relatable, considering his entire backstory.

The reason why Hitoshi Shinso wanted to become a hero but failed

In his junior high years, Hitoshi Shinso often found himself on the receiving end of unfair judgment due to his unique Quirk, Brainwashing. This ability, which allowed him to control others, was frequently met with suspicion and fear, basically made him feel pretty isolated because many around him believed that such a power was more befitting of a villain than a hero. The whispers and wary glances were a constant reminder of how different he was, and this took a toll on his self-esteem.

Yet, despite the negative perception surrounding him and his Quirk, Hitoshi clung tightly to his dream of becoming a Pro Hero. He yearned to prove that he could use his abilities for good, no matter what others thought.

However, this steadfast determination was accompanied by a deep-seated envy and resentment towards those who possessed more conventionally “heroic” Quirks—abilities that were celebrated and easily accepted by society. Watching his peers be praised for their straightforward powers while he was sidelined left a bitter taste. This inner conflict only fueled his desire to prove himself even more.

Determined to follow his dream, Hitoshi enrolled at U.A. High School, the premier academy for hero training. He eagerly took the Hero Course’s Entrance Exam, fully aware that the odds were stacked against him. His Quirk, with its specific limitations, was not particularly suited for the exam’s requirements, which focused on combating villain bots immune to his brainwashing. Understanding the challenges ahead, Hitoshi also submitted an application to U.A.’s General Education Department as a backup plan.

However, Hitoshi’s Quirk proved ineffective against the villain bots, and he ultimately failed the Hero Course Entrance Exam. Though this was a significant setback, it did not extinguish his aspirations. He was accepted into the General Studies program, a path that still held potential for his dreams. Hitoshi resolved to use this opportunity to work his way into the Hero Course, determined to show that his Brainwashing Quirk could be a force for good.

(My Hero Academia chapter 194)

He appeared on screen during his fight with Deku at the U.A. Sports Festival. He revealed to Deku all of these problems and declared he would one day join the hero course like him. Initially, he felt a lot of resentment towards our main character but when he realized that Deku was actually helping him, that resentment turned into respect. He finally had someone whom he could call a friend.

Meeting Deku changed a lot for him, like people in his class and those in the stadium all clapped and cheered for Shinso for his brave efforts. He really hasn’t experienced any appreciation in his life and now, suddenly people don’t think of him as a villain anymore.

(My Hero Academia chapter 34)

This made him take the 1st bold step—joining Class 1-B in the joint training session with Class 1-A.

Shinso showcasing how his quirk can be used as a hero

This was CRUCIAL for Shinso as this was the 1st time he showed the world (including us viewers) how he could use his “villainous” quirk for hero work! Sure he used his binding cloth to take out the enemy team but in his rematch against Deku, he used his controlling quirk on him to fight evenly, but Deku had to use 80% of his might to capture Shinso and secure the win for Class 1-A against Class 1-B.

After the match, Shinso gathered with Shota and Vlad King, expressing his awareness that the exercise was essentially a test for his entry into the prestigious Hero Course. Despite this understanding, Hitoshi couldn’t hide his disappointment in his performance.

However, both the teachers informed him that this wasn’t a test to check his strength but to analyze his mental strength and attitude, making sure he’s fit to be a hero or not.

Shota emphasized that heroes need to have their own motivations and drive in order to be effective in helping others. This advice struck a chord with Hitoshi, who found himself taken aback by the kind and supportive words from his mentor.

The surprises didn’t end there for Hitoshi. His shock only deepened when Vlad King made a significant announcement: Hitoshi would officially be joining the Hero Course at the start of his second year. Yes, Shinso joining Deku’s class was foreshadowed way back in chapter 216!

This unexpected turn of events left Hitoshi in a state of bewildered excitement, as he realized that his journey towards becoming a hero was just beginning to unfold!

(My Hero Academia chapter 216)

The biggest test for Shinso came in the war arc, where he fought along with the heroes benevolently.

Before that, he continued to train and perfect his Quirk so that he could keep up with the rest of the Hero course students once he got admitted at the start of the second year. During this time, he pushed through the limits of his Quirk to the point that he could get other people to speak while brainwashed, as well as create his own Hero costume.

Seems villainous, but he used his quirk to entrap villains instead, Gigantomachia for instance, who once swooped away Aizawa and President Mic.

In the end, he proved to be a very useful ally to the Heroes in defeating All for One, sealing his place in the hero course.

Chapter 425 showed Aoyama leaving Class 1-A and U.A. High and being replaced by none other than Hitoshi Shinso.

(My Hero Academia chapter 425)

Indeed, Shinso’s entry into Class A couldn’t have been more perfectly timed. This pivotal moment not only marks a significant new beginning for him but also highlights the tremendous development his character has undergone since his debut in the series.

As the Epilogue gradually ties up the character arcs of everyone in the story, it feels fitting for Shinso’s journey to culminate with his acceptance into Class A. His transformation from a misunderstood outcast, feared by his peers, into a cherished hero, surrounded by friends who admire and respect him, has been nothing short of spectacular.

Fans have eagerly followed his evolution, and they look forward to seeing more of Shinso in the forthcoming chapters of the My Hero Academia manga. This next chapter in his story promises to be a testament to his growth and a celebration of his hard-won place among the heroes.