Dragon Ball Super Chapter 102 Kicks Off Ultra Instinct Goku Vs Gohan Beast

The latest Dragon Ball Super installment pitted Goku and his son Gohan in a battle that will be the subject of discussion for years.

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Ever since Gohan Beast’s debut in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, fans have been wondering how he’d put up with Goku and Vegeta after their encounter with Black Frieza in the Granolah arc. And now, the wait has finally ended!

The latest Dragon Ball Super installment pitted Goku and his son Gohan in a battle that will be the subject of discussion for years. Of course, one cannot forget Vegeta’s victory against his rival so it’ll be natural for him to try his Ultra Ego against Beast mode after the father-son sparring session.

But until the much-awaited battle commences, Vegeta of course, doesn’t want to see the Son family take away all the spotlight and asks Trunks if he was part of the action against the Red Ribbon Army.

That’s right! Goten and Trunks are also on Beerus’ planet, along with Carmine and No. 15!

Now if you are wondering what the hell Carmine and No. 15 doing here, then well, its obvious. They want that sweet, sweet data, and we all saw just how busted Cell Max was from the data collected in the Moro fight. However, now they can peer into the realm of the gods like Beerus and Whis!

Imagine if they whip up an Android stronger than Black Frieza, who is said to be the closest to their level

That’d be milking a dead cow at this point, if you ask me. 

Gohan vs Goten and Trunks

They dashed forward to land several punches and kicks with names akin to the Saiyaman style. They were so fast that even Gohan, in his Super Saiyan form, had trouble tracking their movements and dodging their attacks

Seeing them go toe to toe with someone as experienced as himself, Gohan is shocked but happy!

(DBS Chapter 102)

What’s more, this fight gave readers a strong callback to Future Gohan training Future Trunks. Not gonna lie, I can’t help but smile at the following panel and then immediately burst into tears while thinking of the climax of that special episode.

Future Gohan will be so proud seeing present Trunks following present Gohan’s footsteps as Saiyaman…

It was revealed in this chapter that Goten and Trunks had been training vigorously, even though Bulma had grounded them for half a year. And they share the same motivation to fight as Gohan, which is to save and protect the people they love.

Daizenshuu 4 describes half Saiyans as “having an outstanding battle sense, but not having a fondness for fighting like a pure Saiyan” such as Goku or Broly.

We’ve seen Gohan say in the Cell Games that he hates to fight but his innate power erupts after seeing a person he loves cry in pain. This is because he has both Saiyan and human blood flowing in his veins.

But how does that help?

Well, this half-human blood literally gives these boys the potential to surpass their fathers in the future!

If you want to be a Super Saiyan, you need to have what Toriyama calls “S-Cells” for your body. When these S-Cells reach a specific threshold, an emotional trigger, such as anger, can produce a dramatic rise in S-Cells and physiological changes; this is known as Super Saiyan.

But he concludes that having a gentle spirit coupled with high battle power is the best way to greatly increase one’s S-Cells. The Saiyans have high battle power, yes but definitely not a gentle heart. One look at the Saiyans from the Bardock special will make you realize how cold-hearted they are.

(DBS Chapter 69)

On the other hand, humans are naturally emotional beings capable of deep love and attachment. When they lose something important to them, their fury erupts like a volcano, releasing massive reserves of power deep within. Basically, this gives Gohan, Trunks, and Goten a cheat mode.

In fact, Broly was shocked that the duo could turn Super Saiyan at will at such a young age. That’s because after the cell saga, Super Saiyan had become… you know…. a bargain sale.

The legendary transformation where only one saiyan in a 1000 years would end up fulfilling the prophecy is now reduced to a child’s plaything.

But you can’t blame Goten and Trunks, though. They were stronger than a great ape since birth since they weren’t born with tails. On top of it, they’ve been trained by Gohan and Vegeta, who were experienced martial artists and tacticians

That is why Goten and Trunks individually were as powerful as Frieza at the ages of 9 and 10.

During the Super Hero arc, we see them taking down a Dino Android while merely being Super Saiyans. And that is stated to be more powerful than any Android before, including 17 and 18 Even the supposedly stronger Cell Max took a serious blow following the Tornado attack the two unleashed.

If Gohan is potentially greater than Goku and Vegeta, then Goten and Trunks have, in theory, have the same as Gohan, and more so in the case of Pan.

But if only they trained harder with the right coach.

Goku remarks that the boys make too many unnecessary movements, a similar feedback Korin and Mr. Popo gave to kid Goku back in OG Dragon Ball.

They were more preoccupied with how cool they looked in their suit than making it feasible to look at their opponent’s movements.

But their BIGGEST DOWNFALL is that they still haven’t pulled off a successful fusion since the fight with Beerus.

Toyotaro baited us so hard! The boys even tell us how much they have practiced. Only for me to flip the page and see fat ass Gotenks!

BRUH ITS SO FRUSTRATING TO SEE THESE BOYS GET HYPED AND GLAZED, THEN THEY MILK THE SAME OLD UNFUNNY JOKE AGAIN AND AGAIN! Maybe Toyotaro is saving the big reveal for some big villain in the future like Black Frieza, or at least I’m hoping it will be the case, so let me huff that copium real hard for a sec.

After that embarrasing performance, it is time for the strongest father-son duo in the Universe to face each other in a battle that will determine, who is the STRONGEST?

Goku vs Gohan BEGINS!

As they’re warming up, Goku asks Gohan about his transformation. Is it like Super Saiyan 2 or 3 or something entirely different? Well its none of it! According to the Super Hero movie light novel, Beast mode surpasses even the limits of Ultimate Gohan.

So yeah, that definitely pleased Goku!

Gohan adds that Piccolo gave the name and taught him how to control and wield the form at will.

In fact, this goes back to Piccolo’s promise to Gohan, at the beginning of Z, that he would teach the boy how to harness his explosive power and use it at his disposal. This, he affirms, would make him the greatest fighter ever!

(DBZ Chapter 12)

This lesson was expanded further in Dragon Ball Super Episode 88 where the Namekian advised gohan to become a true warrior like his dad by utilizing his instincts as the foundation for his motivation to fight.
Which is actually a lesson even Goku and Vegeta have had to master recently to gain their new forms.

Beforehand, Gohan tried to psych himself up artificially by worrying too much about his family’s well-being but Piccolo explained that these feelings should bolster rather than constrain his fighting spirit.

However, he found the solution while fighting Gamma 1 and Cell Max where he used Pan’s cry for help as the motivation to erupt his explosive power.

That very same power increased even further after his SNAP while seeing Piccolo’s lifeless body.

The SNAP is very important because the way Gohan transforms into his beast form isn’t just a repetition of the past. It’s a fundamental principle within Gohan’s DNA that acts after his core-instincts are activated.

Goku gave an instruction to his son way back in the Buu Saga that he should get angry whenever he wants by controlling it and with that, he cannot lose to anyone.

The contrast to the 2 different forms is peak here, It’s just like how Goku activates the silver-haired UI in the Moro arc.

Both of them calmed their minds and relaxed their bodies, making the air around them smooth and serene.

While Goku immediately turns his hair silver with a stoic expression, Gohan unleashes all his fury in a second and SNAPS, generating energy that shakes the very battlefield.

Goku and Vegeta were absolutely FLOORED after witnessing the spike in Gohan’s Ki.

(Parallels between Gohan Beast and Ultra Instinct Goku)

But Goku couldn’t be more excited to see his son in action, as he’d been looking forward to this since their fight before the TOP.


These quick teleportations and exchange of blows remind me of Goku vs Cell, where everyone, except Gohan, had trouble tracking their movements.

They’re moving so fast that even Broly was like “HUH??!”

Additionally, Beerus also confirms in this chapter that the silver haired Ultra Instinct form is Goku’s strongest form yet.

“But What about True Ultra Instinct? Wasn’t that GOKU’S STRONGEST FORM in the Granolah arc?”

True Ultra Instinct is equal to Sign + Goku’s core-instincts & emotions. It is the gateway for Goku’s unique version of the technique that Whis was telling him to achieve

On the other hand, the silver-haired form is Goku copying Whis and the Angels, which is activated as a last resort through his survival instincts

The reason why it is the strongest is because he can unleash the giant Ki-Avatar, which is Goku’s ULTIMATE MANIFESTATION OF HIS SPIRITUAL SIDE. This technique has its roots in Buddhism and is used in other forms of media, such as the Legend of Korra and Kung Fu Panda.

Goku isn’t able to whip up this form at will yet but when it does, it’ll be mixed with HIS version of Ultra Instinct. Similarly, Gohan is training to combine his core-instincts into his Beast mode and hone it even further, cutting off all its stamina-related weaknesses.

After Goku spars with Gohan, he plans to make Piccolo join the party and show his Orange form, which is said to be on par with the Saiyan’s Blue form. And when he comes onto Beerus’ planet, team Universe 7 will look unstoppable in the next Tournament of Power.