Dragon Ball Super: Is Black Frieza Stronger Than Beerus?

We have an official answer to this question, as folks at Shueisha were too frustrated to see powerscalers yapping away with pointless debates and said, “Fine. I’ll do it myself.”

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The 1st appearance of Black Frieza in the Dragon Ball Super manga is one of the most memorable and heavily discussed transformations in Dragon Ball history. Manga artist Toyotaro had stated he had been itching to draw Black Frieza since the beginning of the Granolah arc, and I must say, the payoff has been immense.

Bro seemingly came out of nowhere on Planet Cereal, killed Gas, the strongest in the universe, with hardly any effort, and one-shotted Goku and Vegeta in their strongest forms.

Frieza was already known for having hands rated E for Everyone, but now, by unlocking the power of black air force energy and more drip, he has the power to challenge the highest Gods in the multiverse.

There’s been so much debate on whether Frieza can now defeat Beerus, using head cannons that can cause the very fabric of space-time to tear apart.

But now, we have an official answer to this million-dollar question! That’s right! Folks at Shueisha were too frustrated to see powerscalers yapping away with pointless debates and said, “Fine. I’ll do it myself.”

So without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

Is Black Frieza stronger than Beerus?

Nope. Frieza, in his stronger form, cannot defeat Beerus, who is still the strongest creature in the universe (2nd to Whis). Why? Because the staff over at V-Jump magazine have confirmed that Black Frieza’s power is merely closer to a God of Destruction’s, compared to Goku and Vegeta.

How close? God only knows. Frieza has been training in a hyperbolic time chamber for 10 years, so he’s definitely closer to Beerus’ power compared to his Golden form. In that form, Frieza was literally shaking in his boots when he spotted Beerus and Whis watching his fight with Goku.

King Cold warned him to never cross paths with two beings in this universe: Majin Buu and Beerus.

(Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F)

And Golden Frieza literally fell onto Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta’s knees, screaming hard in frustration because he couldn’t beat the Prince of all Saiyans.

Yeah, the same prince who was humiliated by Beerus THREE. FREAKIN. TIMES.

In Battle of Gods, Beerus showed who’s the boss, and we get a quick understanding of how vast his power is in comparison, going as far to flick Super Saiyan 3 Goku and Super Saiyan 2 Rage boosted Vegeta, which mind you, made him scale above Goku at the time, but even that was called childs play, as Beerus tanks Vegeta’s blast as if it was nothing.

Later in the Goku Black arc (manga version), Beerus asked Vegeta to spar with him in chapter 36 in order to gauge the Prince’s growth. But, this dude was so OP that a mere tail whip to Vegeta’s face sent him flying into the river.

Seeing the Saiyan prince perfect Super Saiyan Blue, Beerus charged towards his opponent in excitement and hurled punches and kicks, which Vegeta managed to block with ease, beforehand this never would have been the case.

But little did he know that Beerus was merely playing around..

Beerus’ Hakai blast slapped Vegeta to the ground once again reverting him to base form.

Later in the Granolah arc, Beerus stomped Vegeta’s ass once again; at this point in time, Vegeta is stronger than Moro and Broly. He merely wanted to test the Saiyan’s power, but the results were the same.

Sure, Black Frieza was strong enough to whoop Ultra Ego Vegeta in one punch, but there’s enough evidence in the manga that shows Beerus still tanks the mighty emperor.

How is Beerus still stronger than Black Frieza?

Now, what I’m referring to is manga Beerus, who is a lot stronger than his anime counterpart.

Beerus in the anime and movies had been retconned to make the powerscaling more coherent in the later arcs. In the Battle of Gods movie, Whis states that Beerus used 70% of his power against Super Saiyan God Goku. But this was retconned in the anime, changing it to “Oh, so Beerus just lied to Goku in order to draw out his full power even more quickly.”

The manga establishes a stronger Beerus, who was merely toying with Goku and never got pushed back even once due to his speed, which caught the Saiyan off guard by zooming and headbutting him in chapter 4.

His casual punches are strong enough to cause the very fabric of the universe to shake, like a gravitational wave. The shockwave was so strong that its effects even reached Supreme Kai’s planet, which exists on a higher plane in the universe, millions of light years away from Earth.

And unlike in the movie or the anime, he neither gasps for air or powers up to bring Goku back to his base form.

The manga scale accurately portrays Beerus’ immeasurable power, as it consistently shows him fighting later on. The anime never showcased Beerus’ usage of Ultra Instinct or how powerful Hakai and Ultra Ego really are.

Beerus showcased a good portion of his power in the manga version of the Zeno Expo, where he fought against the other Gods of Destruction all at once and still managed to survive until the end.

By having 1st hand view of the chaos, Goku was mind-blown to see everyone being so ridiculously powerful. They were so fast that even he couldn’t track their movements, and Goku at this point in time, had his Super Saiyan Blue form.

“But wait a minute, didn’t the writers say Jiren is stronger than a God of Destruction already?”

In the manga, Toppo stated that Jiren is stronger than Universe 11’s GoD Belmod only based on combat skill or power level. But in an overall sense, Belmod can still whoop Jiren easily with Hakai and so can Beerus.

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(DBS Chapter 29)

We see how powerful Beerus really is in the Granolah arc, where he Hakai’s Vegeta’s armor with ease, stating that his mind is always on destruction and nothing else and that’s why his power is limitless.

(DBS Chapter 69)

Black Frieza doesn’t have God Ki so he cannot tap into the same kind of power as Beerus and Vegeta so, in his case, there will always be a limit to his power, no matter how big it gets.

The cherry on top came in the form of a statement from the Cerealian Dragon Toronbo, who made Granolah the strongest in the Universe, APART FROM THE GODS.

(DBS Chapter 70)

And Elec made a similar wish to Gas, making him stronger than Granolah but weaker than Frieza, since he wasn’t there in this dimension when the wish was made. Which means the highest Gods in the multiverse, like the Destroyers, Angels, the Grand Priest and Zeno, are still mightier than any mortal in Dragon Ball Super so far.

Toyotaro confirmed in an interview that Beerus, Whis and the Grand Priest are still higher than Goku and Vegeta.

Toyotaro confirms Beerus is stronger than Goku

Therefore, Frieza still has a lot of work to do in order to match up with the strongest God of Destruction.

Will Frieza be stronger than Beerus someday?

I don’t see why not? But definitely not anytime soon. In Episode 95 of Dragon Ball Super, Frieza proclaims that there’ll come a time when Beerus won’t be allowed to do as he pleases, becoming subservient to Frieza’s will.

For that to happen, he has to make sure he hones his Black form to 100% of its efficiency and does not do the same mistake he did with his Golden form—rushing to Earth to challenge Goku but ending up losing as he couldn’t contain his overflowing power.

If he wants to overthrow Beerus, he must train his mind even harder than what he did in Earth’s hell, letting go of his hatred for the Saiyans and Gods alike, and think nothing but scenarios of ripping apart Beerus to shreds.

This is kinda like Ultra Ego where the user concentrates on nothing else but destruction. Similarly, Frieza must find a way to refine his quality of Ki large enough to be able to withstand Beerus’ Hakai attacks, just like he did with Sidra’s.

If Granolah can use a version of Hakai, then maybe even Frieza can muster his. God techniques aren’t limited to just Godly users. However, it won’t be as potent as Beerus’ but if it’s strong enough to counter his and retaliate, it might give Frieza the edge.

Or he could just play dirty like usual and kill the Supreme Kai.