Boruto: Two Blue Vortex: Boruto’s Uzuhiko Rasengan Explained!

Boruto completely dominates, and Code is left shaken, quite literally

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Boruto: Two Blue Vortex

Boruto: Two Blue Vortex manga’s chapter 3 has the fans talking, especially with Boruto’s new Rasengan, called “Uzuhiko”.

But, what is it exactly?

Boruto’s Uzuhiko Rasengan Explained

Boruto showed off this jutsu properly against Code, who is clearly one of the strongest characters in the verse right now.

During the small fight between the two, Boruto completely dominates, and Code is left shaken, quite literally.

Daemon even explains that Boruto’s planet shakes the planet, and uses its rotation!

boruto uzuhiko rasengan

But, how does Daemon know? Well, We can’t forget that Amado said he has Shibai’s genetics, the Otsutsuki who attained Godhood and has mastered Shinjutsu. 

Boruto is using the earth’s Chakra to synergize the kinetic energy that is moving the earth on its axis. He was then able to direct the rotation and apply it to Code making his world literally flip upside down.

Code is experiencing extreme confusion in movement and is out of sync with the world around him; he is literally spinning just like the earth whilst he is stuck in motion.

This is highlighted by him seeing multiple Uzumaki whirlpools and claiming, “WHAT IS THIS ROTATION”.

Basically, the man is infinitely dizzy! The damage is Semi-Permanant as Boruto has control over this death sentence to anyone suffering from its effects. 

No matter how many times Code tries to stand up, he falls again!

The Uzuhiko Rasengan still essentially works the same as a normal Rasengan, which is the rotation of chakra in multiple directions, to then be contained and used as a weapon.

The main difference with Uzuhiko is that Boruto is NOT using his own chakra or even rotation.

Usually, once a Rasengan is used, it will disperse. However, Boruto is using the Earth’s Energy which is constantly provided as the Earth spins.

boruto uzuhiko explained

This is what makes the jutsu permanent, as it will only stop when either Boruto deactivates it, or the earth itself stops spinning on its axis.

Basically, imagine the earth being the hands that are rotating the chakra, and Code is literally in the ball of it all.

Hence originating the motion of the spin from the ground itself, to then push it outwards.

Boruto explains this is a strike back from “The Planet” Code tried to destroy. 

That’s right, Boruto’s new technique is on par with Shinjutsu!