Black Clover: How Did Yuno Get Two Grimoires?

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Black Clover

While Black Clover’s protagonist is Asta, there are many characters that are crucial to the plot. Yuno is one such character.

After Asta got a power-up through his Devil Union, it was apparent that Yuno is about to get some sort of an upgrade too!

However, fans didn’t expect him to get another grimoire! In this article, let’s take a look at how Yuno got his second grimoire, and why!

Why Does Yuno have two Grimoires?

In short, Yuno has two grimoires because he is from the Spade Kingdom.

We got to see Yuno’s second grimoire during his fight against Zenon. The situation was getting grimmer as Zenon dominated the battle.

Even Yuno himself was losing hope as Zenon became the devil himself.

Not only Langris, but even the combined attack of Finral and Langris also failed against Zenon.

At this point, Yuno could only question himself and if this was how everything would end. He had failed to protect William and the Golden Dawn, too.

Of course, that can’t be true. At this moment, as he was in a Spade Kingdom library, received his second grimoire, with a spade on it.


Yuno’s second grimoire has spells related to Star Magic, which is his own magic.

Initially, it might seem like Yuno’s second grimoire appeared out of nowhere.

However, there were enough hints and foreshadowing about this power-up in the manga!

It was apparent that Yuno came from a royal bloodline since the early sections of the Spade Kingdom Arc. After all, Yuno had insanely strong Wing Magic!

Furthermore, when the resistance saw Yuno, they were surprised that he had grown into such a fine wind mage.

This was a weird statement, considering that they had seen Yuno grow up.

Moreover, despite not knowing what magic Yuno’s parents had, we were never shown Wind Magic.

These were small hints and setups from Tabata to the big reveal of Yuno’s real magic!

In chapter 309 of the manga, the story finally took us through the Grinberryalls’ magic.

It turns out they had quite some impressive magic. The royal family of Spade Kingdom has been passing down unique kinds of magic: Sun and Moon.

yuno magic

Hence, Yuno’s mother, Ciel, had Moon Magic, while his father, Loyce, had Sun Magic.

Therefore, to complete the trinity of celestial objects, the one who inherited their blood would obviously have Star Magic!

Since this magic is unique, only the true successor of the Grinberryall family could possess it.

It is possible that the Dark Triad had forgotten or ignored Yuno’s existence altogether as nothing to worry about!

Since Yuno was driven into the corner by Zenon, it is possible that his Spade royal blood woke up.

He received his rightful grimoire of Star Magic, specifically engraved with spells to defeat Zenon!