Attack On Titan: Will Killing Zeke Stop The Rumbling?

Zeke Attack on Titan
Attack On Titan

Since the moment Eren started the rumbling, Attack on Titan fans have been wondering how the massive army of Colossal Titans can be stopped!

While most people gave up instantly, Levi had an idea! According to him, since Eren controls the Founding Titan using Zeke, the rumbling might just stop if they manage to kill him!

So, let’s find out!

Can Killing Zeke Stop The Rumbling?

When Armin wakes up with his consciousness detached from his body in the paths. There, he comes across Zeke.

Zeke and Armin had a discussion about the meaning of existence. Armin strongly believed that the goal of life is producing offsprings and continue the cycle.

Armin also explained how rather “insignificant” moments shared with loved ones can shape one’s identity as a human being.

zeke and armin in paths

This conversation deeply affected Zeke, who previously held a negative perspective on life, as he realized there is more to living than his pessimistic beliefs.

It is crucial to recognize that Zeke was coerced by Eren and had no say in the Rumbling. As a result, Zeke abandoned any efforts to stop Eren’s plans, and his resolve was utterly shattered.

Eren’s ascent as the strongest titan, akin to the progenitor titan of Ymir Fritz, led many to believe that Zeke’s value as a wielder of royal blood had been rendered useless.

However, we are proved wrong as Zeke proves instrumental in the finale of the battle.

Armin and the others were still going to kill Zeke as this was their only plan. However, there were problems.

The number of targets to fight were too much for the last hopes of humanity, combined with the fact that they didn’t even know where Zeke was.

With Zeke understanding that he still has a chance to stop Eren, he did what he felt was the best for all.

He went to the Paths and woke the predecessors of various titans and got them to help the Survey Corps.


After an intense battle, Zeke finally emerged from the Founding Titan and was decapitated by Levi.

In the end, Levi’s hypothesis of killing Zeke to stop the rumbling proved correct!