Attack On Titan: Everything Changed In The Anime Ending Explained

These changes were, of course, recommended by Hajime Isayama himself. 

Attack on Titan

After a decade, the anime adaptation of Hajime Isayama’s modern classic, Attack on Titan has finally come to an end.

Animated by WIT Studio and Studio MAPPA, AoT is one of the biggest phenomenons in the entertainment world, and for the right reasons.

The 85-minute-long final episode took fans on a rollercoaster of emotions, ending the journey with a major twist.

While the anime is quite faithful to the manga, it did make quite a few notable changes which makes the ending feel more complete and fleshed out.

These changes were, of course, recommended by Hajime Isayama himself.

Let’s take a look at these changes!

Eren and Armin’s Dialogues

Armin and Eren’s conversation is one of the most important parts of the finale, as it sets the tone for the fight that ensues.

Two best friends, who promised to explore the world together, fighting to decide the outcome of the lives of millions of people.

The scene in the manga faced a lot of criticism, as Armin’s line “Thank you for turning yourself into a mass murderer for our sake.” was completely out of character.

Author Hajime Isayama also expressed that he regrets that the line did not have the impact he intended.

eren and armin

The anime changed this, but not entirely. Armin still thanks Eren, but it was for showing him the life beyond the walls, like he had promised when they were kids.

Armin was grateful for the bond and memories he and Eren made. He also takes accountability for Eren’s actions by saying “we did this”, making it clear that he understands the weight Eren is shouldering, and that he isn’t alone.

During their final hug before everything ends, the two agree that the next time they meet, it’ll be in hell.

Eren’s True Realization Of His Genocide

In the manga, after the final hug, their life flashes before their lives. After Armin punches Eren, he falls to the ground, sitting in water.

Suddenly, the water disappears and we see the footprints left behind by the rumbling. The anime takes this scene up a few notches, showing Eren sitting in a pool of blood.

eren aot final ep

Eren even reaches into the blood and pulls out a handful of hair and bones, showing that he feels remorse for the countless deaths he has caused as well.

Armin also grabs the shell out of the blood and hands it to Eren.

The New Paradis

In the manga, the timeskip after Eren’s death wasn’t as big, as the world looks pretty much the same as before.

new paradis attack on titan

However, the anime shows the world developing, eventually into something similar to ours.

There are huge lights, Skyscrapers, helicopters, and much more. This made fans think that Eren and others succeded in making the world a better place.

Unfortunately, Paradis is still subject to attacks and bombings, reinforcing the manga’s message that humanity always relies on violence.

The Cast’s Actions

Other ending moments were changed around as well. Instead of Levi and others roaming around the city, it shows them rebuilding their land.

jean aot

We also get an adorable moment where Gabi and Falco are planting a tree.

Overall, this made the ending much better, but what are your thoughts?