Boruto: 10 Characters Who Will Die After The Timeskip

Hokage meeting
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

As the Boruto manga progresses, we get closer to the time skip! This means that we’re getting closer to the part where the author starts to kill off our favorite characters! In this article, we are going to list 10 characters who we think might die after the time skip! 

1) Sasuke:

Sasuke Uchiha, the Shadow Hokage is playing a role that requires him to throw away his life at any given time. While this is risky enough, it’s his role in the life of Boruto, that really puts him at risk!

The teacher-student duo has grown quite close in the last few arcs due to the increasingly risky situations they’re dragged into! While this is great, it only sets Boruto up for a bigger loss. 

Sasuke Uchiha

Throughout the Naruto series, death has been used as a catalyst for major character development. Sasuke went through the Uchiha Clan Massacre, his brother’s death (through his own hands).

As for Naruto, Jiraya’s death was the most impactful. “Uncle Sasuke” to Boruto is what “Pervy Sage” was to Naruto. 

The death of Jiraiya essentially turned Naruto into a man, allowing him to take on enemies like Pain and Madara Uchiha. We think that it will be the same for Boruto. 

If we take the first page of the first chapter of the manga into consideration, Sasuke has major death flags surrounding him! 

2) Hinata: 

When the Karma seal was put on Boruto, Momoshiki made a prophecy; he actually gave a spoiler! The Otsutsuki made it clear that Boruto will lose everybody close to him. 

And, if a writer wants to actualize this dream, then who’s a better target than Hinata? We all know that Boruto loves his family dearly. While Hinata seems to be out of the picture because she isn’t an active ninja anymore, she is still in danger! 

Hinata Hyuga

Hinata is extremely selfless, and she’ll do anything for her family. In the past, we’ve seen her fight Pain and Momoshiki with no chance of winning in sight. To her, winning is secondary, she’d rather die trying than watch her loved ones die.

Hinata’s death will have the perfect emotional impact in the story and needs little build-up as her intentions have always been clear. 

3) Naruto: 

Naruto has been treading the line between life and death more than any character in the history of the series! During his battle against Isshiki Otsutsuki, he almost made it to the afterlife if it wasn’t for Kurama’s sacrifice.

While many people believe that the author won’t kill Naruto, they couldn’t be more wrong. Masashi Kishimoto has stated that if need be, Naruto will make his way to the afterlife. 

Baryon Mode

However, we still believe that Naruto won’t die but will be sealed instead. Kawaki’s dialogue on the first page of the first chapter implies this. Kawaki sees Naruto as a father and killing Naruto isn’t an option for him. 

In chapter 62, Code gave him an option! He stated that anybody sent into a different dimension when a chakra fruit is harvested will prevent their death! 

Since Naruto can’t open dimensional portals, this is an effective way of keeping the Nanadaime out of danger! On top of that, we have to worry about the life-threatening disease Naruto is suffering from, which was revealed in a side manga focusing on Sasuke! 

4) Konohamaru: 

A part of me hopes that Konohamaru lives a peaceful life and becomes the Hokage, but we all know the truth. As the sensei of team 7, he is ironically the weakest in the team.


If it wasn’t for Boruto, Kashin Koji would’ve turned Konohamaru to a crisp. Against opponents like Code, Daemon, and Ada, it hurts to say, but all that awaits Konohamaru is his death. 

5) Code: 

Since his debut, we all knew that Code will just be a stepping stone for our protagonists. 


And, unfortunately for him, the betrayal from Ada and Daemon in chapter 71 sealed his fate. Now, all that Code can do is flail around!

6) Kakashi: 

In the anime, Kakashi played a major role in shaping Boruto’s resolve and advancing Rasengan, the same way he helped Naruto. However, in the manga, Kakashi has been completely absent!

In a 2019 interview, Ikemoto, the main artist of Boruto was asked what Kakashi has been up to all this time. The artist replied, “It’d be a spoiler”. 

Kakashi Boruto

This is a big death flag! For all we know, Kakashi might still be training and will fight an important antagonist, much like his fight against Pain. However, this time, he might actually die! 

Even in Naruto Shippuden, we saw Asuma sensei die to make the next generation stronger! In the same way, Kakashi might be forced to die, to give the old team 7 a final push! 

7) Ino: 

As the leader of Konoha’s Barrier and Communications team, one would assume that Ino is a character who’d remain safe. However, her vital role is what makes her fall straight into danger!

Ino Boruto

We know what happened to Shikamaru and Ino’s fathers during the 4th Great Ninja War. Communication builds the backbone of an army, and if that back is broken, the army can’t move! 

When Ada finds out that people of Konoha can use Ino’s jutsu to talk telepathically, things might not go well for everybody’s favorite waifu! 

8) Himawari: 

Killing off the cute and cuddly Himawari is a surefire way of creating a sense of true danger in the series. If someone like Sasuke died, we’d all be sad and frustrated, but Sasuke dying in a battle is something we can accept as readers. 

Any fight could be the last fight someone has, in this world of ninjas we’ve grown accustomed to it; the ninjas accept this. However, killing off a beloved, non-combatant character is the easiest way to establish a Weltschmerz situation. This makes it clear that no character is safe!

Himawari Boruto

Killing children is already tough in literature, but when it’s done correctly it creates a tremendous emotional impact. This will make it seem like the bright future of the children of Konoha has been stripped away! 

For Boruto, if Himawari died just when she decided on a dream and started to pursue it, it would crush him. Especially if it was because she got involuntarily involved in his Otsutsuki business. 

This can crush Boruto into becoming the cold person we saw in the first chapter! 

9) Mitsuki: 

Mitsuki is a unique character in the series. He is a synthetic human, who has his sights set on a goal: Boruto. To Mitsuki, nothing matters more than Boruto. 


Mitsuki almost charged into Momoshiki to save Boruto, only to be stopped by Urashiki. But, as the plot becomes more serious, Mitsuki might end up sacrificing himself. 

An important thing to note is the fact that Mitsuki can be reproduced infinitely, although with a different personality. This could create another conflict for Boruto as he tries to prevent the second death of his dear friend! 

10) Shikamaru: 

As the advisor of the Hokage, Shikamaru is never out of danger. Being the day-one guy for Naruto, Shikamaru might just be nearing his days. 

Shikamaru Boruto

Shikamaru is Konoha’s Knight, including Naruto. His death would completely throw the Shinobi World off its balance! If it wasn’t for his quick thinking to invite Ada and Daemon to Konoha, the two might’ve turned the world upside down already! 

Who do you think will die in Boruto? Comment down below!