Sasuke Fighting a Dinosaur Has The Boruto Community Going Crazy!

Sasuke and Meno the dinosaur from the Sasuke Retsuden arc in the Boruto anime
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations / Sasuke Retsuden

Episode 282 of the Boruto anime saw the beginning of the highly anticipated Sasuke Retsuden arc.

Sasuke Retsuden manga colour cover

However, it was met with incredibly mixed receptions.Some claimed that Sasuke facing the Dinosaur, named Meno was too far for the story.

Others also felt that the animation from the fight left a lot to be desired when compared to many of its competitors.

However many fans of the Boruto series have come together to defend their it. They believe that the ‘attack’ on their beloved anime is in poor taste. This is because the story the fight originates from is nothing new, and is in fact nothing to do with the Boruto story at all. It is it’s own side story.

Sasuke Retsuden originally released as a novel back in 2019 where it became the most popular Naruto novel.

But it has since been adapted into manga form, where it reached 1 million views within 24 hours of initial release on Manga Plus.

Seeing this, it’s safe to say that it was well received amongst many of its fans. Which is why fans of the Boruto anime find it unfair that it’s only a problem when the Boruto name is attached to it.

Some have even used the fact that Dinosaurs, and other such creatures have existed beforehand in the Naruto universe as proof to showcase the bias.

What do you think? Is the criticism warranted?