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Luffy’s New Gear 5 Power is Insanely Broken

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One Piece Manga released One Piece Chapter 1070 which reveal Luffys NEW power in his GEAR 5 Nika Awakening form. Luffy creates GLASSES with his HAIR, Luffys power of imagination is completely BROKEN! Vegapunk also reveals the truth behind replicating devil fruit and how the seraphims along with Sanji can use devil fruit powers. Luffy vs Lucci part 3 has has Concluded, but neither of them are finished! We also see the after effects of Gear 5 Luffy where he turns into an old man Luffy. We explain how Dr. Vegapunk joining the Strawhats will help them become stronger, assisting to Roronoa Zoro & Vinsmoke Sanji New Power!

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