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Luffy’s New Devil Fruit Upgrade After 25 Years

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One Piece Manga released One Piece Chapter 1062 which reveals that Vegapunk is creating a new weapon which can rival even the Ancient weapons such as Pluton and Uranus. We also see that Vegapunk has 6 different entities which all have different personalities. With this vegapunk can maximize his workflow and research 6x as fast. However, it is mention that Vegapunk doesn’t have enough money to keep up with his expenses, which leads us to believe that He might he working on a secret project which the World Government is unaware of. We explain how Vegapunk might help the Straw Hat Pirates unlock new potentials as he is interested in Luffy and his Crew! With his creation of a machine that can control the weather, he can potentially control the weather of the new world, making it easier for people to sail and unite the world, creating One Piece!

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