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Gojo VS Heian Era Sukuna | DEATH BATTLE! – Who is ACTUALLY The Strongest?

If Gojo could lose to a Sukuna who wasn’t even trying, Gojo would surely lose to Sukuna at his peak, is what you’re thinking right?


Sukuna Killed Satoru Gojo at the end of Gojo vs Sukuna in the Jujutsu Kaisen Manga, The Strongest Sorcerer of today vs The Strongest in HISTORY came to an end with Ryomen Sukuna reigning supreme without even using his FULL POWER! Sukuna used Gojo to evolve even further but this has us all wondering…was Gojo correct when he stated that Sukuna would’ve won without the 10 Shadows, who would win, Heian Era Sukuna or Satoru Gojo?