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Luffy vs Imu Sama Revealed an Insane Mystery

Credit: Chancil

One Piece Manga released One Piece Chapter 1060 which reveal the Final ancient weapon, URANUS! All along, it was Imu D. Judas who was in possession of this broken weapon. Uranus is capable of destroying ENTIRE ISLANDS in mere seconds. This was possibly the reason as to how God Valley ended up disappearing out of nowhere. But now as of chapter 1060, Imu-Sama Using this ancient weapon to destroy Lulusia Island and Kills Sabo who was hiding from the world government. We also finally see Luffy tell his Crew what his actual dream is. Previously the only people who knew about his dream was Shanks, Ace and Sabo. Now the all the Straw Hat Pirates know his dream as well which made for a funny but emotional moment as well. 

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