One Piece Chapter 1089: The Secret Behind Imu’s Weapon Revealed!

York has sent Mother of Flammes to the Gorosei!

Luffy angry
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Early spoilers for One Piece Ch 1089 have arrived and focus on the event on Egghead Island.

Disclaimer: These as spoilers and not the official release of the chapter, kindly read them with a grain of salt.

One Piece Chapter 1088 Recap:

In the previous chapter, we saw a flashback where Garp taught the new recruits, including Koby, to focus on securing the future.

Garps asks Koby, Grus, and Helmeppo to take the ship and go while he will stop the pirates at Hachinosu.

Garp then creates an opening for the three, using which Koby destroys the ain’t Hand Gru approaching the battleship and all three aboard the ship safely.

The next day, the newspaper shared the news of Garp’s disappearance at Hachinosu.

The chapter ends with the Marines arriving at Egghead Island.

One Piece Chapter 1089 Spoilers:

The chapter is titled Barricading Incident and starts at Foosha village. Wood Slap is reading about Garp in the newspaper and believes that he will be fine.

Makino’s son is laughing at Luffy’s photo in the newspaper. Makino asks her son, “You’ve grown to love Luffy-onichan, right?”

The chapter then cuts to Mt. Colubo, the Dadan family’s base. We see Dadan in tears as she sees the news and asks what Garp and Luffy are up to.

Suddenly, a huge earthquake starts. This is six days after the destruction of the Lulusia Kingdom.

A giant hole has formed in the sea at the location where Lulushia Kingdom once stood (the hole seems similar to that in Enis Lobby).

The chapter then cuts to people all over the world experiencing earthquakes. It shows the reactions of the following people:

  • Momonosuke in Wanokuni
  • Uholisia in Kanokuni
  • Iceberg in Water Seven
  • Hina in Marine HQ
  • Imu is Mary Geoise.
  • Laboon in Twin Cape
  • Prisoners in Imper Down
  • Citizens in Loguetown
  • Ivankov in Kamabakka Queendom

The Sea around the world has risen by 1 meter, sinking many islands. At Foosha village, villagers are looking at rising tides, and Wood Slap is shown worried.

The chapter now focuses on Egghead Island, where Marine battleships have surrounded the island.

Kizaru destroys one of the Sea Beast Weapons with a normal beam. Although, he has not started the attack yet as he does not want to cause too much damage to the island.

Kizaru calls Sentamaru and asks him to surrender, but Sentamaru refuses. We are then shown a flashback where Kizaru is showing his beam to young Vegapunk and child Sentamaaru.

Sentamaru then continues as he says that Vegapunk was able to develop Pacifista’s laser by doing research on Kizaru’s power. He can’t believe he is coming to kill them.

Kizamaru says, he has to follow orders and can’t cover for them from the charges of researching Void Centruy.

There are around a hundred Marine battleships around the island, with nine Vice Admirals and 30,000 Marine soldiers, along with Saturn and Kizaru.

Doberman and Doll are part of the Vice Admirals, and some new characters are also shown.

Saint Saturn is having a meal inside his room when Vice Admiral Doberman enters and reports the overall situation. Saturn orders Doberman to sink the researchers’ ship that escaped the island earlier.

On the island, York calls Mary Geoise and asks why they were trying to kill her along with other Vegapunks.

The Gorosei reply that they saw her as no different from other Vegapunks. However, after the Lulusia incident, they may keep York to help them produce more Mother of Flame weapons.

The chapter revealed that it was York who gave the weapon to Gorosei. The power plant responsible for producing the weapon is in Egghead.

Gorosei promised not to hurt her or the research laboratory and would make her a Tenryuubito.

The Gorosei agrees. Saturn and Kizaru are also listening to the conversation.

In contrast, the final double spread of the chapter shows York making the call in tears with Zoro’s sword at her neck. Ussop is the one setting up Den Den Mushi.

At the end of the conversation, York screams,” Save me from Luffy!”

The Gorosei, Saturn, and Kizaru are shocked, as they were under the impression that York managed to defeat the Star Hats using Seraphim before calling them to Mary Geoise.

Bonney, Lucci, and the real Vegapunk are eating and chilling behind York, Zoro, and Usopp.

Nami says, “I get the entire situation now,”

Vegapunk adds, “So that’s how it is…”

Bonney, “This is really a Barricading Incident!”

Luffy being Luffy, he does not understand any of it but says that they just have to use York as a shield to escape.

The chapter ends here. The Weekly Shonen Jump magazine is on break next week, so no One Piece next week.

You can read the chapter when it officially comes out on Viz Media’s official website.