One Piece Chapter 1116 Spoilers: Roger Knows The Truth About Void Century And Joy Boy!

The chapter ends with a poignant note from the editor, saying, “He, who knows the “truth”, simply laughs…!!”

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The latest chapter of One Piece, Chapter 1,116, titled “Conflict,” offers an intricate continuation of the ongoing narrative, spanning a concise 13 pages. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the key highlights and significant moments from the chapter.

One Piece Chapter 1116 spoilers:

The cover story features the sixth volume of “Ogre Child Yamato’s Golden Harvest Surrogate Pilgrimage.” In this installment, Yamato is seen receiving medicines and dangos from Otsuru near the Flower Capital castle. The background subtly includes Urashima, the sumo wrestler, adding an intriguing layer to the cover’s scene.

The chapter picks up from where the previous one left off, delving deeper into the global reactions to Vegapunk’s revelations. People across the world are stunned and questioning the implications of a war that has persisted for 800 years, even though none from that era are alive today. The world is abuzz with queries directed at Vegapunk regarding this ancient conflict.

As Vegapunk’s discourse continues, the scene shifts to Imu in the “Room of Flowers,” where they walk towards a shadowed portrait of a lady bearing a resemblance to Vivi. This transitions to Arabasta, where Igaram and Carue are depicted grieving over a missing poster of Vivi, while Pell and Chaka stand solemnly beside King Cobra’s tomb.

Vegapunk drops a bombshell by revealing that a fraction of “Mother Flame” was stolen and used to power one of the “Ancient Weapons,” which led to the destruction of the Lulusia Kingdom. As Vegapunk discusses the catastrophic potential of these weapons, images of Momonosuke and Crocodile serve to emphasize this revelation.

One Piece Chapter 1116 captures the shockwaves of Vegapunk’s revelation. Moda, the milk maiden from Lulusia Kingdom, and Vice Admiral Comil are shown reacting in disbelief. King Elizabello II of Prodence Kingdom instructs his advisor to investigate the sudden disappearance of Lulusia Kingdom.

At New Marineford, tension runs high. Sengoku is seen stress-eating okaki, while Akainu, visibly frustrated, burns a cigar in his hand, expressing his anger at Vegapunk’s openness.

Back on Egghead Island, Stussy pleads with Edison to release Kaku, citing the Cipher Pol agents’ dire situation. Edison acknowledges Stussy’s internal conflict and assures her that such turmoil makes her human. Meanwhile, York is astounded that Stella knew about the theft of “Mother Flame,” despite her efforts to keep her activities secret. She deduces that Vegapunk anticipated the World Government’s move and hid the special Den Den Mushi with the “Ancient Robot” for protection.

In a recent revelation, Vegapunk disclosed that Joy Boy intended to pass on all three “Ancient Weapons” to future generations. This motive remains unclear to Vegapunk, leaving him unable to discern which side of the conflict is “good” or “evil.” He expressed, “But that will become clear one day! And on that day, the world will be at risk of flooding again! This is my warning.”

The reactions of Shirahoshi and the fishmen were captured as Vegapunk spoke about Joy Boy’s intentions. He continued, “There are still many mysteries about the ‘Void Century’… But there is one group of people that knows everything: the ‘Pirate King’ and his crew!”

As Vegapunk mentioned the Roger Pirates, One Piece chapter 1116 cuts to Crocus at Twin Cape, followed by a cut to Sabaody Archipelago, where people watched Vegapunk’s broadcast. He questioned, “They learned the truth about that part of history. Why did they disappear without telling anyone anything? Why didn’t they act?”

This revelation has sparked intense discussions and speculations, as the world grapples with the implications of Joy Boy’s legacy and the secrets held by the Roger Pirates.

The chapter concludes at Shakky’s Rip-off Bar, where Shakky reprimands Rayleigh for his excessive drinking. Rayleigh, in a nostalgic and somewhat melancholic state, reflects on Vegapunk’s revelations and the younger generation’s unfolding journey.

Rayleigh: “Now it’s their “fun”… Right, Roger?”

The chapter ends with a poignant note from the editor, saying, “He, who knows the “truth”, simply laughs…!!”

One Piece fans are left on a cliffhanger, with the series going on a break next week and set to return in Weekly Shonen Jump #29/2024, on sale June 17, 2024.

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