One Piece Chapter 1112 Spoilers: Mars Has Found Vegapunk’s Broadcasting Den Den Mushi!

Franky defeats Vice Admiral Red King with his Strong Right attack

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Spoilers for One Piece chapter 1112 are out, and what is gaurding Vegapunks Den Den Mushi?

Disclaimer: These are spoilers and not official releases. Kindly read the article with a grain of salt.

One Piece Chapter 1112 Spoilers:

Titled Hard Aspect, the chapter starts with Marines reporting that Pacifistas on Egghead Island have been defeated.

On the northeast coast, Franky defeats Vice Admiral Red King with his Strong Right attack, while Bonney turns Vice Admiral Pomsky into a kid and kicks him.

Meanwhile, Vice Admiral Guillotine is shocked to see how cruel Bonney is.

In the laboratory, York leads Mars to the room with monitors, where Vegapunnk’s message began to broadcast.

Although Mars destroys the entire room, the broadcast does not stop.

Mars plans to destroy the whole laboratory to eliminate the bradcasting Den Den Mushi, but York stops him, stating that the Weapon Development Floor and PPower Plant are near by, and destroying the laboratory may also destroy the other two, causing the entire Punk Hazard to go down.

While they talk, Mars hears a voice coming from Punk Records and flies towards it, believing that voice came from the new Den Den Mushi.

The chapter then cuts to Stussy and Kaku, where Kaku is already conscious. Kaku then asks Stussy if she has been abandoned by Straw Hats just after she betrayed CP0.

To which she replies that she chose to stay back to complete her last mission. She will shut down Frontier Dome while Straw Hats escapes.

Cut to Nami and her group, although Ussop has prepared Coup de Burst in the Sunny, without Vega Force 01, Sunny can’t fly far enough to get to the sea.

Edison then says to trust him, and then he flies away to go through the barrier.

Meanwhile, Ju Peter sucks in air with so much force that Luffy, Dorry, and Brogy can move forward against the pull of suction.

Luffy then kicks an entire building to detach it from the ground and throws it into Ju Peter’s mouth.

Just after that, Luffy is exhausted and turns to old man Luffy.

Brogy then gives him Elbaf’s special emergency food, called Hakarl. Although Luffy doesn’t enjoy the taste, he immediately turns back to his normal form.

Warcury chases after them, and Luffy tries to hit Warcury’s head with Gomu Gomu no Red Roc. However, Luffy gets hurt instead due to Warcury’s tough head.

The chapter then cuts to the Labo Phase, where Saturn is seen climbing up to the cloud, and his legs reach where Nami and her group are present.

Back at the Northeast Coast, one of the giants is cut down suddenly, and Nusjuro appears, standing in front of Elbaf’s ships.

The last page of the chapter shows Mars in his human form, walking inside a dark room. With one minute left for the Vegapunks announcement, Mars finds the new Den Den Mushi, Haishin Den Den Mushi.

Just when Mars thinks that this is it and Vegapunk has lost, he hears something strange.

He looks up and finds something with a serious face.