One Piece Chapter 1110 Spoilers: Gorosei Zoan Forms Revealed

Zoro finally defeats Rob Lucci.

ONE PIECE © 1997 by Eiichiro Oda/SHUEISHA Inc.

Early spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1110 are out, and the chapter has revealed the Zoan forms of all five Gorousei members.

Disclaimer: These are spoilers and not official releases. Kindly read it with a grain of salt.

One Piece Chapter 1110 Spoilers:

According to the spoilers, chapter 1110 of One Piece is titled “Falling Stars”. The cover art features Yamato traveling through Wano.

The chapter begins with Vice Admiral Bluegrass, Bonney, Franky, and Atlas reacting to the black lightning caused by the Five Elders being summoned.

Meanwhile, the Giants and the Pacifistas continue to attack the Marine ships.

The scene then changes to Mary Geoise, where the Five Elders’ room is empty, with only a large, burning circle on the floor.

Seven minutes remain until Vegapunk’s world announcement, he can be seen enjoying his Vega-coffee on the screens.

According to the spoilers, things will get more complicated as Luffy will be shocked while claiming that there are five monsters now as all the Five Elders stand before him.

All the Elders are in their awakened form with a dark flame-like smoke swirling around their necks.

The chapter also confirms the identities of the Five Elders. Saint Jaygarcia Saturn is revealed to be the yokai ushi-oni, Saint Marcus Mars as an Itsumade, a bird yokai, Saint Topman as a Houki, a giant boar with four tusks, Saint Ethanbaron V. Nujuro as a Bakotsu, a skeleton horse, and Saint Shepherd Ju Peter as a massive worm monster.

According to the spoilers, the chapter shows Nusjuro as he transforms into his hybrid centaur-like form, carrying swords in both hands and charging toward the Pacifistas,

One of the swords is a black blade, and he defeats some Pacifistas by freezing their internal circuits, rendering them immobile.

Meanwhile, Mars will launch an attack on the Labophase, effortlessly, bypassing Vegapunk’s protective barrier, which will remain intact despite the trespass. Ju Peter will burrow underground, leaving Luffy to battle Saturn.

According to the spoilers, Usopp will finally devise a way to bring the Thousand Sunny to a halt by creating a bamboo barrier.

Then, Sanji contacts everyone via Den Den Mushi, urging them to evacuate immediately and not wait for him and Luffy.

Jinbe then arrives at the location where Zoro and Lucci are engaged in combat and informs Sanji that the two are still locked in battle.

Zoro goes over the edge due to Sanji’s response and defeats Lucci easily. Here, Zoro also uses a new technique, called 3 Sword Style: Huhuva Hell: Stripe Hunt.

The chapter shifts its focus back to Luffy, who is ambushed by Ju Peter who attacks from below and swallows him.

Fortunately, Dorry and Brogy arrive in the nick of time and use their new attack called Solar Saw and sever Ju Peter’s head, freeing Luffy.

Luffy laughs wholeheartedly, and Brogy joins him as well. Brogy states that they couldn’t wait for him to return, hence they showed up themselves.

The chapter ends here, there is no break next week.