One Piece Chapter 111 Spoilers: Zoro vs. Nasjuro!

Nasjuro recognizes Zoro’s Kitetsu blade!

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Spoilers for One Piece chapter 1117 are out, and Vegapunk is about to reveal people with D. in the name!

Disclaimer: These are spoilers and not official releases. Kindly read the article with a grain of salt.

One Piece Chapter 111 Spoilers:

The chapter is 17 pages long and is titled Mo. It features Yamato playing vistis to Nekomamushi and Hyougorou in Flower Capital.

The chapter continues where it left off, and we see more people reacting to Vegapunk’s revelations regarding the world.

We also see some pirates in Hachinosu wanting to go to sea in search of treasures. Among these pirates, Kreig, Gin and Pearl are also present.

Kreig is seen wearing a part of his old armor and now fashions long hair. Meanwhile, Pears is with the group, wanting to search for treasures under the sea.

The chapter then cuts to Mont Black Cricket and the Saruyamma Alliance. They are in their ship, preparing to dive and find more romance undersea.

At Marine Hospital, swords’ members are seen resting. Although they are injured, their condition is not bad.

Koby is conscious, but on the bed. The chapter also shows Drake, who is back from Wanokuni. Kujaku says that Drake requested to be left alone, so he is resting and healing in a private room.

Meanwhile, Smoker is seen riding his Billower Bike on the sea. He asks Tashigi about her whereabouts via den den mushi. Tashigi replies, saying that she is in the Marine Hospital.

The chapter then focuses on Vegapunk’s message, where he shares that he is nearing the end of his speech, as anything else will just be his theories.

Back at Egghead Island, Frontier Dome has been shut down, and Nami’s group gets ready to sail.

As Jinbe and Zoro reach Sunny, suddenly Nusjuro passes them both and is about to cut Sunny.

Jinbei, using his new technique, Fish-Man Juujutsu: Kata Guruma, throws Zoro towards Nusjuro, and he uses his attack, Nittouryuu: Rashomon, to block the Elder.

Zoro uses Sandai Kitetst and Enma to block Nusjuro. Black lighting and flames appear from the clash. Zoro notices something when he sees Nusjuro’s sword.

He gets confused and says, “Eh!?”… Kitetsu!!?”

Zoro and Nusjuro are blown back by the impact, and Jinbei grabs Zoro as Zoro shouts at Nami’s group to take off.

Zoro: “Jinbbei and I will jump on the ship later!”

The chapter then cuts towards Elbaf’s ship. We see many giants fighting against Marines. Vice Admirals arrive to fight.

Bluegrass blows a hole in Elbaf’s ship with a Sea Beast weapon beam. Doll takes down Kashii using her attack, the Rock and Roll Blaster.

Cutting to Luffy’s location, who is back in this normal form, is with Dorry and Brogy near the shore, so they shout towards the Elbaf ships to take off.

Luffy wonders where Warcury is as he stops chasing them.

We then see Saturn, Mars, Ju Peter, and Warcury surrounding the Ancient Giant Robot.

Gorosei realizes it’s the robot that attacked Mary Geoise 200 years ago.

Vegapunk’s message continues as Gorosei leaps on the giant robot.

Vegapunk: “Finally, I would like to leave a message to those around the world with “D” in their names…”

Warcury: Why you…!!!”

We then see the character connected to D in their name.

This includes Monkey D. Dragon, Sabo, Koby, Marshall D. Teach, and Bepo.

Vegapunk: “Amoung you guys, there iss mo*…buzz,buzz!!”

The Acient robot is blown into the air by Warcury’s attack, and then it falls to the ground.

Little parts of the robot are damaged, but it is still in one piece.

Warcury: “ Stop it already, Vegapunk…!!”

Vegapunk Singal suddenly cuts off, and people around the world are shocked. Vivi and Morgan are also in shock.

The final page of the chapter shows York falling on her knees…

York:”huff… huff… It’s stopped…!!”

The chapter ends here. There will be no break next week.