One Piece Chapter 1109 Spoilers: Luffy Vs. 5 Elders!

Saturn summoned the rest of the Gorosei to fight Luffy.

OP-spoiler 1109
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Spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1108 are out, and Luffy has not dealt any damage to Saturn yet.

Disclaimer: These are spoilers and not official releases. Kindly read it with a grain of salt.

One Piece Chapter 1109 Spoilers:

The chapter cover features a mini-story in Wano on the cover. It features Onigashima sinking into the sea.

The chapter begins with Vegapunk’s pre-recorded message to the world. Shaka and other satellites are present with him too.

Vegapunk’s broadcast signal is such that all Marine Den Den Mushi, all over the world broadcast his message, and no one can turn them off.

Shaka suggests that everyone around the world will require some time to prepare their screens and visual Den Den Mushi.

Vegapunk then tells people that he will wait for 10 minutes so that everyone can prepare.

Ussop and Nami’s group are also watching the broadcast but are confused as to what Vegapunk is doing.

The Gorosei member asks Saturn about Vegapunk’s current status. Saturn shares that he is most probably dead, according to how he saw Kizaru killing him.

Gorosei determines that his death must be the trigger for this broadcast, and it must be happening from the labophase.

We then see people from all over the world preparing to see the message.

Rebecca, Leo, Kyros and others in Dressrosa also prepare screens. Due to the inability of a projector in Foosha village, they decide to listen to the message.

While Morgen, Vivi, and Wapol are also preparing to watch the video in the World Economy Newspaper headquarters,.

In Water Seven, Iceburg asks Alice, his secretary, to prepare the screens.

Ivankov is surprised by Vegapunk’s new head, while Dragon is thinking about the moment Shaka shared that he was about to die.

Back at Egghead, Luffy wonders why, no matter what he does, Saturn does not take any damage.

Kizaru attacks Luffy in every possible way, but the future king of pirates swiftly dodges them.

He then slaps Saturn and Kizaru with Gomu Gomu no Dawn Cyumbal, turning them in a kind of flat paper.

Lufyy grabs the now-squashed Kizaru and Saturn and throws them both to the sea.

However, Saturn flies back like a boomerang and attacks Luffy with his legs. Luffy dodges the attack and is angry too see Saturn unharmed.

The Gorosei contact Saturn again, stating that they do not have time and cannot let Vegapunk talk.

Saturn agrees, and then black lightings appear near Egghead Island.

Huge black flames emerge from the magic circles.

Marines on the battleship are shocked as they witness the event.

The chapter then features a double spread showing Saturn touching the ground and 4 giant magic circles appear around him.

Luffy’s eyes pop out of their sockets. Sanji is in shock to see the black flames that appear and notes that those flames also appeared when Saturn arrived at the island.

The chapter ends here and will take a break next week.