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One Piece Chapter 1106 Spoilers: Luffy VS Kizaru Round 2 Begins!

The Authority of Pacifista is now with Bonney.

ONE PIECE © 1997 by Eiichiro Oda/SHUEISHA Inc.

Spoilers for One Piece chapter 1106 are out. However, these are not complete spoilers. We will update as more spoilers are released.

Disclaimer: These are spoilers and not official releases. Kindly read it with a grain of salt.

One Piece Chapter 1106 Spoilers:

The chapter is titled At Your Side. It features Saturn and Kizaru planning to annihilate everyone on the island.

The chapter starts with Vegapunk continuing his monologue from the previous chapter, talking about the possibility of a Pacifista killing Bonney as she’s a pirate now.

Vegapunk saw this coming and risked his life to insert a secret code in the Pacifista. Due to this secret code, Bonney has the highest authority to control the Pacifistas.

Bonney then says “Daddy, stop! Help us to escape from here!!”

Due to this, all Pacificistas started fighting the Marines!

Vegapunk says “Even if the whole world is your enemy, your father will never betray you!!”.

Vegapunk requests that Atlas inform Bonney that she is in charge of Pacifistas.

Bonney then asks her dad to help them escape, and Saturn realizes that this was Vegapunk’s doing! He stabs Vegapunk in the leg and orders Kizaru to kill all of the pirates.

Franky and Sanji attempt to stop Kizaru. Kizaru’s laser pierces through Franky. Sanji stops one of the beams, but Kizaru eventually pierces him as well.

Kizaru then pursues Bonney. As Kizaru is ready to kill Bonney, Luffy appears to stop him by using Gear 5. The haki-infused punch sends Kizaru flying, and Luffy turns the ground to rubber to save the people falling down.

Meanwhile, Luffy is constantly staring at him in silence.

Subsequently, we observe Kizaru seated on the earth. After being punched by Luffy, he is clutching his head, although he seems to be fine.

As Bonney goes to assist Vegapunk, he tells her that Luffy is indeed Nika.

Bonney is seen crying and gazing up at the sky in an AWESOME double page, while Luffy is striking “Nika’s pose”.

Vegapunk says “So you haven’t realized. But I also wouldn’t have believe it before witnessing it with my own eyes. That “Straw Hat Luffy” that had Kuma’s attention, turns out to be “The Sun God Nika” himself …!! ”

He continued “Kuma was right …!! “Buster Call”? What good will that do? There are people in this world who have waited centuries for him!!!”

Additionally, we witness the Ancient Robot begin to move somewhat in time with Luffy’s heartbeat.

Cut to the northeast coast of Egghead Island. Marines report that an unbelievably large ship is approaching to the island.

Marine says “It’s them !! No doubt about it !! But I thought they disbanded 100 years ago … ”

The crew on the large ship wonder whether they should stop, but decide to simply break through.

In the EPIC final double page of the chapter, we can see the “giant Warrior Pirates” ship destroying all Marine battleships in the northeast coast.

Marines: “Fire !! Damn it !! Why are the “Giant Warrior Pirates” here !!?”

Brogy: “Look at them, Dorry !! They are asking why we are here !! ”

Dorry: “What a stupid question !! There’s no coincidence in this world !!! Right, Brogy !! ”

Marines: “We have an emergency !! The “Giant Warrior Pirates” have showed up !!! ”

Brogy: “Gahahaha !! We’re here for you “Straw Hat” !! ” Dorry: “Gyagyagyagya !!! “The Sun God” ~!!! ”

The chapter ends here with a break next week.