One Piece Chapter 1105 Spoilers: A Powerful Entity Approaches Egghead!

The chapter is titled “Pinnacle of Stuidity” and is a short chapter of 13 pages.

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Spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1105 are out. Buster Call has begun! Will Luffy and his crew escape the Egghead?!

Disclaimer: These are spoilers and not official releases. Kindly read it with a grain of salt.

One Piece Chapter 1105 Spoilers:

The chapter is titled “Pinnacle of Stuidity” and is a short chapter of 13 pages. The cover features Carrot making soup for Inuarashi and Nekomamushi.

At the start of the chapter, the beginning note states, Justice will rain down impartially to all..!”

All the Marines are running to the ships, screaming at others to hurry up and get off the island.

Doll requests that Saturn and Kizaru quickly get off the island. However, Saturn states that they will remain on the island. He further orders to commence the bombardment as soons as preparation are done.

Vegapunk tries to plead with Saturn to dismiss the buster call, stating that all the scientific progress will get lost. He requests Saturn to only kill him and leave the island as it is.

Saturn questions Vegapunk, if there is something, is still hiding and suspects it to be a hindrance to the World Government.

Saturn informs Vegapunk that he has also sent Marine behind the ship that escaped the sland yesterday.

Saturn suspects the escaped ship may have someone with the knowledge of Void Century and thus can’t have any survivors.

Vegapunk is furious at Saturn and says that everyone on the ship is innocent and knows nothing about the Void Century.

Saturn puts the blame on Vegapunk for dragging them into this, just like how Ohara broke the law.

Pacifistas are ordered to stay within the island, and Marines prepare for the bombardment. Meanwhile, Sanji asks others to hurry up and escape through the vacuum rocket, while Vegapunk is stalling the two.

Sanji assures Bonney that he will bring Vegapunk back safely. He then contacts Nami and asks for their status.

Nami informs him that they have already arrived in Thousand Sunny at the backdoor of Labophase.

She asks Sanji about his situation.

Chaos ensues in Labophase as the Buster call gets initialed. Nami expresses her concern for Luffy. Sanji reassures her and updates her on their situation.

Nami then mentions that Zoro is still fighting Lucci, and Jinbei is on his way to stop them.

Ussop and Choppy worry about the island’s fate.

Nami informs Sanji about bringing Sunny, and Lilith is staying behind to help Brook. She also informs Snaji that the previous plan of escaping through Vagaaforce has failed, and Brooks adds that moving the ship on land is seemingly impossible.

Lilith praises Brook’s effort in ensuring the swift arrival of Thousand Sunny despite the obstacles.

Vagappunk is saddened to see the island’s destruction. Franky in the vacuum rocket is amazed by the remarkable speed of the vacuum rocket.

Kizar uses his Ama no Murakumo technique and destroys the vacuum rocket.

Sanji curses Kizaru and runs towards Bonney and her group. Saturn enjoys the destruction caused by Pacifistas in their attempt to kill Bonney and Kuma.

He taunts Bonney about the irony of them being killed by Kuma’s clones.

Luffy ate all the food on the island and is now unable to move because of it as he gets surrounded by all the Marines.

The Marine battleship that went behind the escaped ship has been destroyed and is attempting to contact Kizaru. Marines state: They are heading into Eggghead.

The chapter ends here and will not take a break next week.