One Piece Chapter 1101 Spoilers: Bonney Is Using Luffy’s Gear 3!

Kuma entered Mt. Colubo to observe Luffy, who is 16 years old now.

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The spoilers for chapter 1101 of the One Piece manga are here, and Bonney has escaped the Sorbet Kingdom. and uses Luffy’s Gear 3!

Disclaimer: These are not official chapter releases but spoilers; kindly read them with a grain of salt.

One Piece Chapter 1101 Spoiler:

Titled “Dear Bonney,” the cover features Vegapunk along with his six clones and Vegaforce-01.

Vegapunk is in the middle of the color spread. Lilith and Puthagoras are on Vegapunk’s right side.

Furthermore, Atlas and Edison are on his left side. In the background, we see the right side of York’s face and the right side of Shaka’s face.

The chapter begins with a flashback. Kuma remembers one of his trips with the revolutionary army in the Goa Kingdom.

Kuma mentioned that he noticed Dragon’s knowledge about the country. He also mentioned that Dragon visited a village outside of the country to observe a certain boy…

Dragon then interrupts him and warns, “Keep talking if you want to die.”

Kuma asks Dragon’s reasoning, to which Dragon says that a child is a parent’s weakness.

Paw Paw Fruit Owner understands and promises that he won’t look into that anymore.

The chapter then switches to the flashback where the previous chapter ended.

Kuma enters Mt. Colubo to observe Luffy, who is 16 years old now.

Luffy was practicing the secret attack, the Gum-Gum Battle Axe. Suddenyl Kuma receives a call from the World Government.

Luffy heard the sound and sensed a chilling presence nearby. He looks around, but Kuma is already gone. Luffy thinks that there is still a strong anime he has not yet defeated.

We then see Kuma helping a merchant ship that was attacked by pirates and making them surrender.

The entire chapter narrates Kuma’s letter to Bonney. The letter talks about how Kuma loved Bonney and tells her about all the beautiful and amazing islands where he wants to travel with her in the future.

The chapter then focuses on the Sorbet Kingdom, where all the letters Kuma had sent were intercepted by Alpha and destroyed.

All the while, Bonney kept waiting for Kuma’s letters. Bonney also never revealed her devil fruit power to Alpha and her medical team, as Conney had instructed her to keep it secret.

Kuma then visits Vegapunk’s laboratory, where he also meets Stussy’s clone.

Stussy asks, “I wonder who is more unfortunate, a human with no consciousness or a clone with conciousness…”

Vegapunk shouts at Stussy and tells her that she is a human. He explains that once modification is completed, Kuma won’t have any memories or emotions.

However, Vegapunk will keep Kuma’s consciousness up until the very last minute.

One year remains until the surgery is completed. Kuma had been helping the Revolutionary Army from time to time, but now he is completely silent.

Dragon and others knew there must be a reason behind Kuma’s behavior.

Back to Sorbet Kingdow, Bonney celebrated her 9th birthday, but she is still waiting for Kuma’s letters.

The final year has passed since Bonney’s surgery ended. She is now completely healed, but Alpha won’t let Bonney out until her 10th birthday.

One member of the medical team seemed to let slip that Alpha and other medical team members are agents of the world government.

Conney gets this information from the bar. She and other people from Sorbet Kingdom realize this and have plans for Bonney’s escape.

The strongest fishermen from Sorbet Kingdom (Gyogyo, Totsu, and Poteto) volunteer to take Bonney to the sea and help her find Kuma.

They remodeled a fishing ship into a pirate ship and decorated it to look like a pizza. Conney and Bonney switch clothes, and Bonney steps outside for the first time.

Bonney gets past the guards and reeaches the ship. However, Alpha realizes she is Bonney and chases her using Geppou.

Alpha warns Bonney by saying that she is allowed to beat and restrain her if she tries to escape.

Bonney recalls what Kuma shared about Nika when she asked about his appearance.

Kuma shared that, although he is not sure, he has rubbery qualities and fights in any way he wants.

Bonney then uses her distortion attack and hits Alpha. The chapter ends with an epic spread of Bonney punching Alpha with a giant punch like Luffy’s Gear 3, and she escapes from the Sorbet Kingdom.

Narration: “The World Government immediately becomes aware of the hostage Bonney’s escape. Their finshing ship sails out to find her father and soon turns into a pirate ship of the new ear, rivaling Luffy and the other pirates from the generation.”

The chapter ends, and the series will take a break next week.