One Piece Chapter 1100 Spoiler: Warlord Kuma Arrives At Luffy’s Hometown!

Saturn forced Kuma to become the Warlord of the Sea.

ONE PIECE © 1997 by Eiichiro Oda/SHUEISHA Inc.

The spoilers for chapter 1100 of the One Piece manga are here, and the chapter reveals the reason Kuma became the Warlord of the Sea.

Disclaimer: These are not official chapter releases but spoilers; kindly read them with a grain of salt.

One Piece Chapter 1100 Spoilers:

According to the spoilers, the chapter is titled “Thank you, Bonney”.

Reader request in the cover: Usopp is looking at Sanji while he’s chopping some vegetables. Usopp remembers Ninjin, Piman and Tamanegi while he’s looking at vegetables.

The chapter then starts with Kizaru visiting Vegapunk’s lab with marines such as Drake following him.

It is then explained that Vegapunk had just moved into the building after the “accident” in Punkhazard, causing Vegapunk to fail to realize that there were spy Den Den Mushi inside the lab.

Kizaru brought Saturn’s Den Den Mushi with him as the latter wanted to have a conversation with Vegapunk.

Saturn says that he’s aware of Vegapunk’s illegal deal, but will allow it as Kuma would be an excellent host.

However, there are three conditions:

  1. Kuma must become a Shichibukai, replacing an unnamed Shichibukai who was defeated by Ace a few days ago.
  2. Kuma must become a human weapon, undergoing a cyborg surgery.
  3. Kuma’s mind must be erased when his surgery ends.

Vegapunk became furious as wiping a cyborg’s memory essentially meant killing him.

Saturn simply replies that Vegapunk is in no position to argue, and even calls him a “Marine scientist”.

However, Kuma cried in happiness, knowing that Bonney would be saved.

Vegapunk further explains that Bonney’s surgery will take 6 months, and that she must rest for another year before going outside.

Kuma’s surgery on the other hand will take 2 years.

Saturn then states that Bonney will be their hostage, and that her one-year rehabilitation will be under the World Government’s custody.

The WG will only release Bonney after Kuma’s memories have been wiped away, and that he won’t be allowed to meet her after the 6 month treatment.

Kuma asked Saturn to send Bonney to the Sorbet Kingdom when her treatment was complete, helping prevent her from knowing the truth.

Saturn agreed.

We then see a time-lapse, where Kuma, Bonney, Vegapunk, and Sentoumaru are spending time together and becoming closer during those 6 months.

It is revealed that Kizaru is quite close to them as well, joining them for a pizza party and dancing with them.

We see their surgeries as well, with Vegapunk changing Kuma’s shoulders.

After 6 months, Bonney returns to the Sorbet Kingdom, welcomed by Conney. She is to live in the church for another year under the medical team’s care.

The medical team was actually a team of marine agents, led by a CP8 agent named “Alpha”.

Kuma said his last words to Bonney and she laughed, unaware that this was their last interaction.

Kuma says “Thank you for being born, Bonney”.

Later, Kuma goes out to the sea to perform his duties as a new Shichibukai. We also see the reactions of former Shichibukais and Alvida, Koby, Dragon, Sabo, and Koala to the news.

Doflamingo: “Kuma the “Tyrant”?! Looks like we have another villain in the line! Fufufufuf!!!”

Doflamingo: “Kuma the “Tyrant”?! Looks like we have another villain in the line! Fufufufuf!!!”

Miss All Sunday: “Are you interested?”

Crocodile: “It doesn’t matter… Did you get rid of the guy who saw the “artificial rain ship?”

Alvida: “supposedly, he’s a man close in size to that Whitebeard! Koby, who do you think is stronger?! Me or him?!”

Koby: “O-of course it’s you !! Lady Alvida !! Ehehehe.”

In Whitebeard’s ship, Ace and Jinbe are talking about Kuma with Whitebeard, Marco and Teach. Ace: “Jinbe !! A successor has been chosen !! Great!”

Jinbe: “You’re the one to talk …!! Ace. I’m reading it right now. A former king …!! We have also a current king among us too … Pirate world sure has changed.”

Hancock: “This has nothing to do with me !! Since I will never participate in the meeting !!”

Gloriosa: “Snake Princess wait !! Even if so you should still have the knowledge of it !!”

Moria: “Kishishishishi ~~~!! A “paw human” !? What the hell kind of power is that !?”

Dragon: “…”

Kuma later writes a letter to Bonney, telling her about his adventures and how he wants to travel with her in the future.

In the last page of the chapter, we see a teenager Luffy trying to escape a tiger in a forest, laughing.

In the last panel, we can see that Kuma’s ship was arriving at Foosha Village. Kuma received a Den Den Mushi call.

Government agent: “Bartholomew Kuma, we have an order from the Government for you. Where are you right now?”

Kuma: “In the “East Blue” … What’s the order?”

The chapter ends here.