One Piece Chapter 1099 Spoilers: How Kuma Became A Pacisfista Has Been Finally Revealed!

Chapter 1099 of the One Piece manga is titled “Pacifist”. 

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The spoilers for chapter 1099 of the One Piece manga are here, and it brings more shock to the fans as another plot point is revealed!

After Bonney’s past, we finally have an explanation of how she was cured, and the price that needed to be paid for it!

One Piece Chapter 1099 Spoilers:

According to the spoilers, chapter 1099 of the One Piece manga is titled “Pacifist”.

The chapter starts with King Bekori learning about the King of Goa’s methods of dealing with his people.

Hence, he starts burning down villages and shooting anybody who protests against him.

These methods were too much for Kuma, and he destroyed the palace and defeated King Bekori alone.

This even was called the “One man revolution of Sorbet”. The scene changes to Mary Geoise, where Saint Saturn learns that a new King has been crowned in the Sorbet Kingdom.

However, this King wasn’t really Kuma. While he accepted the citizen’s request, he still lived in the Church with Bonney, while King Bulldog governed the country.

King Bulldog was the ruler of the Sorbet Kingdom two generations ago.

Meanwhile, Bonney accidentally ate the Toshi Toshi no Mi (age-age fruit). King Bulldog also visited the church with his mother, Conney.

Here, Bonney practices her power by trying to look the same as Conney, and succeeds.

The happiness didn’t last long, as King Bulldog reported to Kuma that King Bekori was launching an attack with the help of the Navy.

He had spread rumors that Kuma was a Tyrant to gain support.

Later, it is revealed that Bekori tried to launch another attack, but was defeated yet again.

Kuma decided to deal with Bekori once and for all. However, this meant that he wouldn’t be able to stay in Sorbet Kingdom.

King Bulldog was entrusted to handle the Kingdom and Bonney, who would live in the castle.

Kuma defeated Bekori and the Navy fleet accompanying him with ease.

Later, Kuma fled and became a pirate, as he had made a name for himself and had a huge bounty on his head.

Meanwhile, in the castle, Bonney declares that when she turns 10, she’ll become a pirate like her dad.

Kuma traveled the world, looking for a cure for Bonney, until he reunited with Dragon.

Dragon informed Kuma that Ivankov and Inazuma were captured while he was away. Bello Betty also asked Kuma to recommend her to Dragon, as he would only listen to him.

Then, Dragon told Kuma about Vegapunk. He added that he never recommended him before as it was impossible to meet him.

However, after an accident at Punk Hazard, the security level is low. In the meantime, Bonney is learning to fight and can defeat adults in hand-to-hand combat.

Kuma comes back to Sorbet Kingdom and brings Bonney with him in a box, where they visit Vegapunk, with the hopes of curing Bonney.

Vegapunk did some tests, and stated that Kuma’s blood was quite different from the rest of the world.

There, Kuma agreed to become a prototype for the clone troops project in exchange for Vegapunk curing Bonney for free.

But, Kuma asks what the robots will be used for. When Vegapunk replies that it’ll be to save people, Kuma believes that might be the reason for his birth.

Vegapunk calls him a saint for this, but Kuma replies that he is a “pacifist” person, inspiring Vegapunk to name the troops “pacifista”.

Unbeknownst to them, however, Saturn had been listening to the entire conversation.

One Piece chapter 1099 ends here, and there are no breaks next week.