One Piece Chapter 1097 Spoilers: Monkey D. Dragon Was A Marine Revealed!

Kuma was the commander of the Revelutionary Army.

Monkey D Dragon
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The spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1097 have arrived, and they reveal Dragon’s past!

Disclaimer: These are spoilers and not the official release of the chapter; kindly read them with a grain of salt.

One Piece Chapter 1097 Spoilers:

The chapter is titled “Ginny” and begins in the Sorbet Kingdom, where Kuma and Ginny are currently living.

Kuma is 17 years old and a pastor. He uses his Devil Fruit powers to help the poor elderly from their pain. People also call it the “Miracle Hand”.

On the other hand, Ginny is 21 years old. She is quite popular among the boys, and she is seen scolding the elder people who are camping inside the church.

The people in the kingdom seem to be upset with their new King, called “King Bekori” as well. People see him as a heart-less and a cheap stake.

Under his reign, even the sick have to pay the tribute. Turns out the King is listening to all the conversations through wiretap and smiling.

As long as the illness or suffering is minor, Kuma promises to heal the folks once a week.

We then see Kuma remove all the accumulated pain, which turns out to be the same size as the one he removed from Luffy in Thriller Bark.

He then lets it out on himself, just like Zoro. Ginny can be seen crying, stating how Kuma does this every week and the people don’t even know.

Kuma replies that it can’t be helped, as someone has to take in all the pain and suffering so that it is removed from the world.

If he were to just leave the suffering and pain he removed alone, it would just go back to the person. And, he states that he’s fine with absorbing the pain because the people he helped are happier.

According to the spoilers, the next Flashback is set 25 years ago, when Kuma is 22 years old.

Ginny proposed to Kuma, but Kuma turned her down. While Ginny is furious, Kuma has fears due to his parent’s tragic past.

After shifting the topic, Kuma informs Ginny about the developments involving Dragon and the Freedom Army, even believing that Dragon is a cool person and a hero.

He then adds that he wants to go out to the sea someday and help people.

Fish is brought to their home by the two children who bullied Kuma in the previous chapter. Both seem to have a thing for Ginny.

Three years later, when Kuma is 25, and is facing the King’s army, telling them to release the people they kidnapped.

They reply that the law has changed, and the southern people can be used however the King pleases now.

Kuma is extremely angry as he knows that the people will be used as slaves.

He attacks the King’s army with Ursus Shock.

The scene changes,  where it is explained that to combat the World Government’s heavenly tribute, the King of the Sorbet placed a massive tax on citizens. Furthermore, he also divided the kingdom into two parts.

One is under the protection of the state and the other is outside of the law. Kuma finds himself in the latter part of the kingdom, where the old and sick live. The King calls them a “hinderance”.

We then see Kuma, Ginny, and three people (including the two kids from the previous chapter) in a jail cell.

Then, the Revolutionary Army, led by Dragon and Ivankov, attacked the Kingdom of Sorbet and overthrew the Tyrant King.

Iva said, “Hey Kuma, if you’re still the same person as back then, let’s go and change the world!”

Led by Dragon and Ivankov, the “Freedom Army” coincided with the “Pirate Era” and the “Tragedy of Ohara”.

When Kuma joined them, they became the “Revolutionary Army”.

Dragon is then seen talking about the lack of funds. He also wants to help a rebellion faction overthrow their King and recruit new people and to teach them how to fight.

It is revealed that the Dragon once worked as a Marine and later defected after realizing that there is no justice in the Navy.

8 more years have passed, and Ginny is the East Army Commander who is extremely happy as she will be joining Kuma’s squad tomorrow.

At Revolutionary Army HQ – Baltigo, someone reports to Dragon that Ginny has been kidnapped by an “unexpected enemy”, and the chapter ends.