One Piece Chapter 1096 Spoilers Shows Rocks Pirates Arrival At God Valley!

Kuma eats Paw-Paw fruit.

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The spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1095 have arrived, and Rocks D. Xebec has arrived at God Valley!

Disclaimer: These are spoilers and not the official release of the chapter; kindly read them with a grain of salt.

One Piece Chapter 1096 Spoilers

The cover page features Zoro, and the chapter is titled Kumachi.

These are not complete chapter spoilers, so stay tuned, as we will update as soon as new information comes out.

The prizes for the slave hunt tournament are revealed, and among them are the devil fruits that Kaido and Kuma hold at present.

Ivankov and Kuma create a plan to escape the God Valley by stealing the devil fruit prizes from the slave hunt tournament.

The chapter shows Rocks Pirates arriving in the God Valley with Big Mom and Kaido in the crew. It is also revealed that Elder Nyon of Amazon Lily was also a member of Rocks Pirates.

Roger the Pirate also arrives, with Roger still having his straw hat with him.

Jinney had stolen the Den Den Mushi and informed the pirates about the Celestial Dragon’s event two weeks ago.

Kong summons Garp to God Valley, but he has no idea what’s happening there.

The chapter also reveals some new Holy Knights.

One prince-like young guy, a sexy woman, a girl with her eyes covered by her hat, and a man with a gas mask were revealed.

Ivankov and Kuma successfully steal the devil fruits, but Big Mom arrives and steals Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu (Fish-Fish Fruit, Model: Azure Dragon), from Ivankov.

Fortunately, Kuma is able to eat his Nikyu Nikyu no Mi (Paw-Paw Fruit), but he meets Saturn.

Kuma: This world is not normal!!

Why was someone like you born into power while I was born as a slave?

If I had any power, I would use it to help people like Nika did!

Saturn: That’s why your kind must be erased!

The chapter then cuts the scene away and focuses on below dialogs:

Roger: Stop it, Rocks!

Rocks: Don’t get in my way, Roger!!

The chapter skips again, this time to the Sorbet Kingdom, where Kuma began living with Jinney. He is shown chopping wood and selling it.

In the final page, Kuma and Jinney are shown eating and crying together in happiness. Kuma remarks that Jinney has big appetite, and uses a similar nickname to Bonney’s.

The chapter will continue next week.