One Piece Chapter 1095 Spoilers: God Valley Revealed!

The chapter is titled “A world in which it is better to die than to live.”

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The spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1095 have arrived, and the chapter has revealed God Valley!

Disclaimer: These are spoilers and not the official release of the chapter; kindly read them with a grain of salt.

One Piece Chapter 1095 Spoilers

The chapter is titled “A World Doesn’t Worth Living in” and begins with Vice Admirals preparing to help Saint Saturn and ordering them to stand down.

He states that he could easily dodge Bonney’s attack if he wanted to.

Saturn then pulls out the sword from his body, and his blood disappears. He then attacks Bonney and Sanki by emitting an aura from his eyes. Both get knocked in the head, and blood comes out.

Kizaru is still on the ground and is unable to move. He apologises to Saturn.

Saturns comments on Kizaru stated that his work is very slow today.

Saturn tries to stomp on Luffy, but Franky saves him. Luffy is still conscious but does not say anything in this chapter.

Saturn uses a mysterious power, due to which Vegapunk, Bonney, Sanji, and Franky are unable to move.

Vegapunk points out that this might be a Devil Fruit ability. Saint Saturn grabs Bonney and squeezes her. Bonney shouts, blaming Saturn for his father’s death.

We are shown a flashback of Kuma telling young Bonney about Nika. Kuma makes Nika’s drum rhythm sound as they dance together.

Kuma tells Bonney that he wants to be a hero who liberates people like Nika.

Back in the present, Saturn reveals that Kuma was from the Buccaneer Race and the people who committed crimes in the past.

They have the blood of the Giants, making them unusually strong.

The chapter then shows a new flashback that took place 47 years ago in Sobert Kingdom. Kuma was born into a normal family. His father was from the Buccaneer Race, while his mother was a normal human.

At the hospital, Kuma’s blood test was leaked to the World Government agent, so his entire family was captured and became slaves in Mary Geoise due to their strength.

After his mother’s death, Kuma’s father taught him the legend of Nika. He informs the kid that the legend has been passed down among his race members.

Then Kuma’s father makes Nika’s drum rhythm sound and starts dancing for Kuma. Suddenly, a Celestial Dragon shoots Kuma’s father for making too much noise.

In a flashback from 38 years ago, a Celestial Draong MC explains that once every three years, the Celestial Dragons come down to Mary Geoise and conduct a hunting game on a non-government island.

They release problematic slaves on the island and wipe them out along with the native people. After that, the World Government claims the island as their own.

The island government chosen this time was God Valley in the West Blue, a land with many valuable resources that dares to use the word God in its name.

The king of God Valley tries to stop them but gets killed by Saint Figarland Garling. The Celestial Dragon expects young Garling to become the champion of the game.

He looks very handsome and has half-moon hair, as he does not have a beard. Many Celestial Dragons can be seen swooning over him.

Saturn is also present and looks extacly similar in the present. He receives the news that the Buccaneer child slave who escaped has been captured.

We see Kuma being dragged into the field by other slaves, and then suddenly two shadows appear.

One of the mysterious figures says, “Hee haw!!

Hold right there, you guys!! You must be the Buccaneer, the star of this!!

I see what they mean, you’re indeed huge!!

They say the blood of Giants runs withing you!!”

The mysterious figures are revealed to be two child slaves. First is a young Emporio Ivankov, and second is a girl named Jinny (Ginny).

IIvankov looks very similar to his current appearance, while Jinny is a short-haired, smiling girl who is eating a piece of meat.

Jinny points at Ivanov and comments that he is also huge. Ivankov replies by point that it’s just this face and then shouts at Jinny, stating that she is missing the point.

Then he tells Kuma that he has chosen to live and asks what Kuma wants.

The chapter ends here and will take a break next week.