One Piece Chapter 1094 Spoilers: Luffy Comes Face To Face With Saturn!

The chapter 1094 is titled “Warrior God of Science and Defense, Saint Jaygarcia Saturn”

op 1094 spoilers
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The spoilers for chapter 1094 of theĀ One PieceĀ manga are here, and it has fans talking again!

The previous chapter notably saw Luffy fight against Kizaru.

One Piece Chapter 1094 Spoilers:

According to the spoilers, chapter 1094 is titled “Warrior God of Science and Defense, Saint Jaygarcia Saturn”.

The chapter also features a color spread, featuring Zoro, Ryuma, Kuina, Koshiro, Kozaburo, and Ushimaru.

At the beginning of the chapter, all Pacifistas attack the Marines as directed by Atlas.

Bonney is fighting Marines too. She uses a new attack called “NDE” (Near Death Experience), she fires a gun at Marines and they hallucinate about their own deaths.

Then Bonney will deal with two Vice Admirals. One of them is the man (whose name is not given in this chapter) with a lengthy chin and moustache.

He is holding a long stick that is topped with a massive seashell.

The elderly woman called “bluegrass” is the other Vice Admiral. The “nori Nori no Mi” she consumed gave her the ability to ride and steer any vehicle.

Bonney is powerless to stop Bluegrass because she is riding a Pacifista. Sanji then jumps down the “VegaTank 8” and saves Bonney just in time.

In the center of Egghead Island, there is a sudden appearance of a magical circle with a 5-pointed star and the number 5.

There are also fire and black lightning blasts.

There is an announcement from the Marines saying that Saint Saturn is on the island. Marines with “Rear Admiral” rank or below must not look at Saint Saturn directly.

However, one Marine makes eye contact with Saint Saturn and his head explodes.

Saturn is easily seen. Saturn has a spider-like lower body that resembles Black Maria and is decorated with flame-like patterns.

Saturn’s hair and beard take on the appearance of moving clouds, and he also has a black cloud wrapped around his neck (much like Lucci or Kaku).

Although his visage appears human, Saturn’s nose is wider. He also has his cap and two large horns.

Although it appears he is employing his hybrid awakened form, the text does not explicitly state this.

Although Saturn resembles an Ushi-Oni (or Gyki) that is a yokai from western Japan’s folklore, Akuma no Mi’s name is also unconfirmed.

The spoilers then shift to the Luffy vs. Kizaru fight, where the two are panting. Kizaru is concerned that he won’t be able to finish his mission if he commits to the fight.

Kizaru then flies away with super-speed and attacks Vegapunk, but it misses. Still, it manages to destroy the cloud road, making “VegaTank 8” fall to the ground.

Suddenly, Egghead Island is filled with Saturn’s voice.

Saturn: “Pacifistas, stop!!”

All strong characters on the island (Luffy, Kizaru, Zoro, Lucci, Sanji, Jinbe, Vice Admirals…) suddenly stop because they feel an unusual aura.

Luffy vs. Kizaru then continues. Kizaru is caught up with by Luffy.

Kizaru: “That form is already at it’s limit, right?”

A brand-new move by the name of “Gomu Gomu no Star Gun” (Gum-Gum White Star Gun – D B) is used by Luffy to attack Kizaru.

Similar to Kaidou in Onigashima, Kizaru is punched in the face by Luffy, but this time, several star effects are produced.

Kizaru then states that this is bad, as Luffy is considerably stronger now.

Kizaru and Luffy hit the ground at the same time. As Luffy is falling, Saturn raises his head to peer at him.

When Luffy gets to the earth, he transforms into an old man.

Saturn is battling Bonney, Sanji, Vegapunk, and Franky on the chapter’s last double page. Bonney recalls something from her past, but the names of the speakers of the words she recalls are unknown.

“I gave the order, Vegapunk!!” There must be no consciousness remain!! But if you do that, Kuma will..”

After that, Bonney leaps and uses a sword to stab Saturn in the chest. Saturn’s heart is pumping a little blood…

The chapter ends here, and there is no break next week.