One Piece Chapter 1088 Spoilers: Garp Is Dead!?

The title of the chapter is “Last Lesson”.

One piece chapter 1088 spoilers garp dead
One Piece

Fans have been eagerly waiting for the release of chapter 1088 of the One Piece manga, with all the death flags hoisted around Garp. Now that the spoilers for the chapter are here, fans are more concerned than ever as it seems that Garp is doomed!

Let’s take a look at the spoilers!

One Piece chapter 1088 spoilers:

The chapter also features a spread page, celebrating the live-action adaptation of the manga. The title of the chapter is “Last Lesson”.

The chapter starts with a flashback, as Garp is teaching a new batch of marines, including Koby. He says “If a baby and 1 old man get stranded on an island, and you have a boat that can only hold 2 people…Who would you save?”

Koby replies “I would get down from the boat myself, so both of them could live.”

Garp then throws chalk on Koby and says that he is wrong. He explains that the young must always survive since they’re the ones who’ll carry on humanity.

Later, Garp is scolded by a Marine instructor to not say such things, but Garp doesn’t budge and states that the future of young people is endless.

According to the spoilers, we enter another flashback which leads us to Amazon Lily. When Blackbeard came to use Boa Hancock, he agreed to leave, but said that he would take 800 marines and a battleship as hostages with him.

Vice Admiral Yamkaji stood still and watched this unfold, as he didn’t receive permission from the HQ to engage with a Yonko.

But, Koby interrupts, and asks Blackbeard to hold him, hostage, instead.

The scene then changes back to the present, with everybody n Garp’s battleship panicking because they cannot stop the giant hand.

Everybody knows that if the hand comes down, a few hundred people will die.

Garp then says “If it’s the three of you, then they can be saved!!”

Garp states that he will create an opening, and Kboy will destroy the giant hand Gru will protect the battleship from debris, and Helmeppo will cover Kboy and Grus.

Koby doesn’t believe that he can destroy something that huge, but Garp tells him that in battle, decisions have to be made in an instant.

Then, all three follow Garp, while the pirates laugh at what seems to be a futile attempt.

The pirates then shoot at them and Helmeppo blocks a bullet with his sword, but he gets caught up in an explosion.

Garp suddenly stands up and punches Kuzan to the ground, surprising Kuzan with his speed!

He then proceeds to jump on roofs, toward the skull and attacks it.

“Galaxy Divide”, he yells, as he splits the skull in two and heavily injures Pizzro’s real body as he starts bleeding.

Gru and Koby follow Garp, and Koby states “I won’t let it fall down”

According to the spoilers, the chapter then cuts back to the present with Garp smiling as he remembers that training.

Koby uses “Honesty Impact” on the hand, and destroys it completely in a double spread, with black lightning coming from the point of impact.

Garp is laughing in tears, while Grus uses Clay Web to stop the debris, and Koby, Helmeppo, and Grus end up on the ship safely.

Garp then yells “All of you are the “future of the Marines!!!”

Then, we see another double spread, with Garp lying on the ground with an ice blade stabbed in his chest, surrounded by the Blackbeard Pirates and Kuzan.

Garp is still laughing as ice spreads throughout his body. We then see Kuzan’s face, although his eyes are hidden.

The narrator then states “In the next day’s newspaper, the news that is reported to the world are… The “young hero Koby” returned safely.

The “legendary hero Garp” disappeared at Hacinosu (the “Pirate Island)- “Yonko Straw Hat Luffy is taking Egghead island as his stronghold.”

In the final panel of the chapter, we see Marine ships arriving at Egghead Island.

The chapter ends here, and the One Piece manga is on break next week.