One Piece Chapter 1082 Spoilers: Buggy Challenges Shanks!

T-Bone has been killed by a citizen for Cross Guild’s bounty.

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Eiichiro Oda’s manga is set to return with¬†One Piece¬†Chapter 1082 after a one-week break, and the spoilers are making the fans super excited!

However, the spoilers have been the subject of misinformation as many were not confirmed, further adding to the confusion.

And, some leakers had confirmed that spoilers would come out this week. Now, we have some spoilers by trusted leakers.

One Piece Chapter 1081 Spoilers:

As noted in the previous edition, there has been a confrontation between SWORD members and Captains of the Blackbeard Pirates in Hachinosu.

At the same time, Egghead Island remains relatively unchanged since its last update.

One Piece Chapter 1082 Spoilers:

One Piece Chapter 1082’s spoilers state that the cover with a reader request where Chopper mistakes Zeus for cotton candy and tries to eat him.

The chapter opens with a newspaper headline announcing the death of T-Bone, who was killed by a citizen seeking the bounty on his head from the Cross Guild.

In the Marine HQ, Sengoku and Tsuru discuss this news and the rising threat of the Cross Guild, while Hina joins them.

Sengoku asks about Garp’s whereabouts and his interest in trying a new flavor of Okaki.

Hina reveals that Garp left a few days ago to save Koby, with SWORD and Kujaku accompanying him.

The scene then shifts to the Cross Guild’s base on Karai Bari Island, where Buggy is sending money to the family of T-Bone’s killer, who will now join the Cross Guild under Buggy’s protection.

The Cross Guild’s ship is shown, featuring a figurehead in the shape of Buggy’s head and a clown theme, but it has not yet been named.

Crocodile and Mihawk see the ship and beat up Buggy, as his crewmates do not come to his aid.

Crocodile expresses his desire to use the Cross Guild to complete his “Utopia” nation plan, creating a military nation that cannot be threatened.

Mihawk advises Crocodile to amass more power, but Buggy objects, saying it goes against the pirate life.

The chapter then shows a flashback of Buggy and Shanks 24 years ago in Loguetown on the day of Gol D. Roger’s execution, expanding on a panel from chapter 434 during a conversation between Whitebeard and Shanks.

Buggy originally planned on joining Shank’s crew. He believed that Shanks could claim the One Piece, as saw him as a superior pirate in terms of strength.

However, when Shanks said that he doesn’t intend to claim One Piece, Buggy decided to form his own crew. And, his recent advancement to claim Gold D. Roger’s treasure frustrated him.

Hence, he announces to his crew that they will fight to claim the One Piece!

This angers Crocodile and Mihawk who beat him up. They also say that fighting monsters like Luffy, Shanks, and Blackbeard won’t be an easy task.

Buggy replies that they don’t need to fight anybody, they just have to get the treasure first!

These are the spoilers so far, stay tuned to be up-to-date about all your favorite Shonen anime and manga!

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