One Piece Chapter 1076 Spoilers: Dr. Vegapunk Found, Shanks Is In Elfbaf

Luffy uses the 4th Gear to fight

luffy 4th gear
One Piece

The spoilers for One Piece 1076 are out, revealing some interesting developments in the series as Dr. Vegapunk has been located!

Furthermore, it builds up on Elbaf, with a surprise scene including Shanks!

Disclaimers: The following article contains spoilers for One Piece chapter 1076 of the manga, please read at your own discretion. 

One Piece 1075 Recap:

One Piece 1075 saw the Straw Hats split into teams and try to find Dr. Vegapunk. This led to many outcomes, including, Shaka believing that one of the Vegapunks is a traitor, and Luffy and Zoro teaming up with Lucci and Kaku!

One Piece 1076 Spoilers:

One Piece chapter 1076’s title is Old Friend, as the first page shows Luffy and Zoro freeing Lucci and Kaku.

Luffy and Lucci then fight S-Bear, while Zoro and Kaku engage in battle against S-Hawk.

During the fight, it is revealed that S-Hawk has Mr. 1’s Dice-Dice Fruit’s powers. Luffy uses Gear 4 to fight, and Lucci uses his hybrid form as well.

In a double page, we see Luffy/Lucci and Zoro/Kaku use a combo attack against S-Bear and S-Hawk.

This blows both seraphim out of the building.

The Devil Fruit allows one to turn their body into blades!

The scene then changes to Dr. Vegapunk, who is imprisoned alongside multiple Cipher Pol agents. Apparently, these agents are in captivity for months!

Dr. Vegapunk also wonders how he’s ended up in the prison and how his Poneglyph’s research was leaked as well!

The scene then shifts to Egghead Island, where we can hear Marines say that more than 100 ships are headed to Egghead island right now.

One Piece chapter 1076’s spoilers then skip to Shanks, who is at Elbaf in a bar.

Eustass Kidd has also just arrived at the cost of Elbaf, and the Red Pirates inform Shanks about it. Benn comments that their enemy must be angry.

Lucky throws in a comment too, followed by Shanks. The captain says “I’ve spent too much time talking! It can’t be helped since I’ve just met some old friends who I thought were dead!

He then asks Dorry and Brogy (from the Little Garden Arc) to prevent him from damaging the bar.

Shanks then goes to battle Brogy and Dorry as Rockstar goes to talk with Kid before the battle starts.

Meanwhile, Kid Pirates’ ships are fighting other ships from Red Hair Pirates’ fleet in the sea.

Killer then tells Kid that during their previous fight, he couldn’t even see Shanks’ face and lost an arm.

Kid replies “We can worry about that if we actually lose!”

The chapter then ends with Shanks towards the coast while other captains cheer for him.

The spoilers are extremely exciting as we see developments in every aspect of the story!

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