One Piece Chapter 1073 Unofficial Spoilers Released

The chapter is titled “Miss Buckingham Stussy”

Kizaru featured
One Piece

The spoilers for One Piece 1073: are out, and they show a lot of movements from the marines.

Disclaimer: These are unofficial spoilers, please take them with a grain of salt. 

One Piece Chapter 1072 Recap:

The previous chapter saw some shocking plot developments with Bonney discovering Kuma’s memories, Zoro fighting Kaku, and Stussy revealing her true identity.

One Piece Chapter 1073 Spoilers:

The chapter starts off with Lucci attacking Stussy, but his attacks miss as he’s fighting an illusion.

Stussy uses a variation of the Kami-e (Paper Art) technique called “Remaining Body”. While she distracts Lucci with the illusion, Stussy uses a lipstick with Kairouseki inside to weaken Lucci.

Then, Stussy bites Lucci and he falls asleep like Kaku.

We discover that the mysterious person with whom Vegapunk spoke was Stussy, and that it wasn’t Vegapunk’s intention that she became a CPO member.

Stussy can’t overwrite Lucci’s order to stop the Seraphim, because she’s at the same level as Lucci in the “authority hierarchy”.

Lilith and Edison came out of the “Labo”. S-Hawk attacks Lilith before she can give the order to stop, but Zoro stops it.

Zoro fights against S-Hawk during some panels and S-Hawk is in shock facing Zoro’s strength.

S-Shark attacks Edison as he’s giving the order to stop, but Sanji saves him. Then Edison managed to give the order and all Seraphim stopped.

Luffy and Chopper are running around the “Labo” trying to find the real Vegapunk because he and Bonney disappeared.

The scene then changes to Sphinx Island. It’s revealed that the Marines came to Sphinx Island while Marco was away in Wanokuni. But Weevil arrived and protected the village.

However, Weevill was captured by Ryokugyuu. Now Marco is with Miss Bakkin. She asks Marco to bring back her son and to give her Shirohige’s inheritance.

Marco: “I appreciate you saving the village but…”

Miss Bakkin: “You doubt about my son’s lineage? Then just ask Vegapunk!!”

The scene changes again to the sea, to Kizaru’s ship

Kizaru brings some snacks and drinks to an old man on the ship. Before that, Marines tested the food to find if it was poisoned. Kizaru talks with that man.

Kizaru: “Have vou ever met Vegapunk?”

Old man: “Yes, just once in the past… ”

We discover that the old man is one member of the Gorosei. Specifically, he’s the one with a scar on the left side of his face and the gray dreadlocks.

And we discover his name… **World Highest Authority – Gorosei. Saint Jegarcia Saturn. **

Saturn: “I regret that it has come to this!!”

The chapter ends here, One Piece will go on break next week.

Source: One Piece subreddit